Bermuda Yacht Clubs
And Sailing Associations

Located at Hamilton City. 15 Point Pleasant Road, Hamilton, Pembroke 
Phone: 441/295-2214 
Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club  
Located in Paget Parish. Mangroville, 26 Pomander Road, Paget, Bermuda.  
Phone: (441)236-2250. Email: [email protected]
St. George's Dinghy and Sports Club 
24 Cut Road, St. George. Phone: 441/297-1612 
8 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys, Bermuda. Phone: (441)234-2248 
Email (General Information): [email protected]; Email (Secretary): [email protected] 
East End Mini Yacht Club 
4, Convict Bay Lane, St. George's. Phone: 441/297-0558 
Mid Atlantic Boat and Sports Club 
37 Seven Wells, North Shore Road, Devonshire. Phone: 441/295-0172. 
1 Spanish Point Road, Pembroke. Phone: 441/295-1030. Email: [email protected] 
West End Sailboat Club 
Watford Island, Somerset, Sandys. Phone: 441/234-1252 
Bermuda Sailing Association 
This is the governing body for all sailing sports in Bermuda. The organization is recognized by the Bermuda Government and the International Sailing Federation (ISAF). Phone: 441/295-7935, 441/295-5372. Email: [email protected] 
Bermuda J-24 Class Association 
It's a member of the International J/24 Class Association, and also affiliated with Bermuda Sailing Association. 
Bermuda Offshore Cruising Association 
A non-profit organization supporting and organizing sail boat races that are longer than the typical island regattas. Email contacts: [email protected] 
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