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Located in Sandys parish next to the sheltered Mangrove Bay, Sandys Boat Club was formed in September 1937. In the earlier years, there used to be a group of people who arranged for boat races among themselves on a regular basis. They later came together and thought about building a boat club so that it could cater to the greater community and serve as a facility offering boating, sailing and other social recreational activities and events. This formed the genesis of the club. 
The initial club meetings used to take place in the opposite building that houses the Mineral Factory. Subsequently they shifted and finally were able to get hold of the current property. It became a proper club under the act of parliament only in December 1955. However during the second world war, the club had to be closed down for sometime. It re-opened soon and with much greater enthusiasm. 
Today the club has been organizing the Non Mariners Race for over two decades. This is one of the popular and traditional family events in Bermuda where people make their own strange looking vessels that are unfit for seafaring, but try to stay afloat on the bay. 
The Sandys Boat Club is also home to Challenger II, a gorgeous Bermuda Fitted Dinghy. This was launched in the year 1990 and is one of the prominent ones in the long list of dinghies owned by the boat club. Earlier the club had launched Challenger-I which has been now given to the Bermuda International Airport and is on display at the arrival lounge. 
The regular boating and sailing season starts in May end and runs until mid September at different venues including at the Mangrove Bay where the club is located. There are currently over 250 members in Sandys Boating Club. The club accepts new memberships. 

Location and Contacts

8 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandys, Bermuda. 
Phone: (441)-234-2248 
Email (General Information): [email protected] 
Email (Secretary): [email protected] 
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