Bermuda Business Directory

Listed below are the Bermuda's businesses, enterprises and other establishments that we have carefully selected, giving reviews of their offerings along with necessary details. They are grouped under different heads or categories. Please note that we have included only those businesses which are well known in Bermuda and have good credentials. 
So this is a directory of select businesses in Bermuda. We have evaluated these businesses so that you don't get lost in the jungle of hundreds and thousands of them including many unknown and unreliable business in Bermuda. We have also included some of the key international businesses that have operations in Bermuda. 
The Bermuda business categories below are listed alphabetically
Directory listing with full page reviews of all types of Bermuda hotels with pictures, including luxury resorts, cheap hotels, guesthouses, BnBs, apartments, cottages, Villas and more. 
Bermuda Art galleries, studios, craft centers exhibiting paintings, pictures, sculptors, dolls, models and other artworks from renowned artists. 
There are several mooring and berthing facilities available in Bermuda including in St George, Hamilton and Dockyard. Some of them are offered by private clubs and therefore combine club facilities as well, while others are specialized operators. Check out the links for the well known marinas in Bermuda. 
List of popular boatyards in Bermuda that offer a range of yacht repairing facilities. The list also includes haulage, slipping and bunkering facilities in the island. 
Offerings from the well known caterers in Bermuda with a focus on catering services for special occasions like wedding receptions and private functions. 
Clubs and associations including Rotary, Lions, Sports, Social, Fitness and other clubs. 
Directory and review of the well known dance schools in Bermuda. 
List of most popular dive shops, and other diving centers and concessions renting diving equipment and gears in Bermuda. 
Directory of organizations and associations for expats in Bermuda. These organizations help in social mixing with fellow expatriates. 
Charter fishing in Bermuda is ideal if you are planning for deep sea and reef fishing. Here is a review of the best Bermuda fishing charters. 
Bermuda banking and other financial services available in the island. 
All about different types of fresh flowers in Bermuda for special occasions and the well known florists of Bermuda. 
Includes reviews and pictures of all the golf courses in Bermuda along with contact details. 
List of health clubs and fitness centers in Bermuda along with their offerings and specialization. 
Review of the well horse riding and training centers in Bermuda, their offerings and the equestrian events. 
Includes medical institutions and services in Bermuda like hospitals, clinics, medicl stores, nursing and other patient services. 
There are quite a few internet cafes and hot spots in Bermuda including in Hamilton, Dockyard and St. George. The link provides listing and review of all the main ones. 
Know about the Laundry Services and Laundromats in Bermuda by location. 
There are several movie theaters in Bermuda that screen mostly latest Hollywood movies as well as European and Caribbean cinemas. Get information about the popular theaters including their capacity, location and contacts. 
Directory, review and offerings of the top Bermuda music schools. 
All the popular nightclubs in Bermuda. Each entry has a full page review with pictures. 
Directory of establishments not covered under any of the other categories. 
Directory of well known medical stores in Bermuda providing medical supplies. 
Selected photographers in Bermuda specializing in still and video photography for weddings, portraits, social and corporate events. 
Select list of Real Estate and Property agents in Bermuda. 
A review of the global and Bermuda based recruitment agencies who provide the top employment services in Bermuda. 
All the well known restaurants and Bars of Bermuda are listed, most with detailed reviews, cuisine they serve and pictures. 
Bermuda schools including government and private schools, institutes for post secondary education, and professional development programs for Bermuda's workforce. 
Find out about moped and scooter rentals in Bermuda - types of two wheelers, the rental agencies, locations and the great rides. 
There are a number of great Spas in Bermuda offering various body treatments, massage therapy, facials and other services. Many of them are part of hotels while some are independent Spa centers. Here is a directory and a full review. 
Directory listing of all major sports clubs and associations in Bermuda along with offerings and contact information. Areas of sports include Golf, Football/Soccer, Cricket, Tennis, Swimming, Scuba, Badminton, Squash, Cycling, Athletics and more. 
Comprehensive shopping guide and stores directory of Bermuda by shopping category. 
Here are all the places where you can rent your snorkel gears and equipment in Bermuda. 
Review of various tour operators - Includes boating and sailing tours, guided tours by bus, taxi, minibus, van and other road transports, walking tours, dive centers and more. 
There some experience wedding planners in Bermuda who help in organizing a wedding end to end.