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Whether you plan for a vacation rental, or a temporary rental for living in the island or even wish to buy a property, you are better off to engage a Real Estate or a Property Agent in Bermuda. That’s because rental or property dealing in Bermuda can be a complex process particularly for a non-Bermudian. Even for a simple vacation rental for few nights, we have learned in a hard way that unless you know the owner well enough, the right move is to go through a reliable real estate agent. Check out Lessons Learned from Bermuda Rentals to know about our own experience. 
There are large numbers of real estate agents in Bermuda. Not all are reliable or have the right credentials. In the sections below, I have mentioned those who have been operating in the island for a fairly long time and have acquired reputation in their own rights. 
I have arranged the agencies in two categories: 1) Vacation Rental Agencies 2) Property Agents for Buying, selling and long term rents. While some may be dealing with more than one categories, I have listed them under their primary operation which they are mainly known for. 

Vacation Rental Agencies in Bermuda 
This is the website of Bermuda Accommodations Inc which is located in Toronto, Canada and operating since 1991. It's one of the largest vacation rental agencies for Bermuda. You will find many choices of rental accommodations in their website. The information is usually kept up to date including availability. 
You can search a vacation home or apartment by location like Western, Central and Eastern part of Bermuda. Western area includes Sandy’s and Southampton parish. The Eastern area includes St. George’s. The Central area covers the remaining parishes of Bermuda. 
Deposits for most properties are 15% paid at point of booking, and 85% paid upon arrival in Bermuda. They do not include tips in their prices: If there is maid service at the property you rent, it is customary and a kindness to leave a gratuity. 
Contacts: US no. 1-416-232-2243, Email: [email protected] 
This company has been promoting some of the excellent vacation properties in Bermuda since a long time. Bermuda Gateway is not actually a rental agency as it does not work on a commission on the booking price. Rather it promotes the properties in its website on behalf of the owners at a membership fee. This fixed fee from the owners includes creation and maintenance of web pages and pictures of the properties. 
I believe this approach provides a very fair platform to the visitors like us to get an unbiased view of the properties. While you won’t get large number of choices here, most of the vacation rentals listed in this website are quality ones. They visit the properties and meet with the owners regularly. In fact the owner of BermudaGetaway Mark also promotes his own property through this website. Email (for further info): [email protected] 
They are one of the top holiday rental sites of UK. We have found some great Bermuda holiday rentals on their site which were not available in the others. So look into the Bermuda section of their website as well before you decide on your choice. Phone: +44 (0) 208 827 1971 (working hours: Monday to Thursday 08:00 - 19:00, Friday 08:00 - 18:00, Saturday 09:30 - 17:00). Another great holiday rental company is also part of homeaway family. 

Property Agents for Buying, selling and long term rents

Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty 
They are an old and one of the largest full service realty agents in Bermuda. The main services they offer include Residential Rentals, Residential Sales, Vacation Services, Appraisals, Building Services, Commercial/Condo Management, Commercial Sales, Commercial Leasing, International Referrals, Land Surveying, Residential Property Management etc. 
Location & Contacts 
Coldwell Banker Bermuda Realty 
Atlantic House, 11 Par-la-Ville Road 
Hamilton, Bermuda 
Email: [email protected], Phone: (441) 292-1793, Fax: (441) 292-7918 
Rego Sothebys International Realty 
Rego Realtor had been one of the oldest and most reputed real estate agents in Bermuda. They have merged with Sothebys creating the new and even more powerful property dealing company called Rego-Sothebys International Realtor. With some 25 full time staff, they specialize in Residential Sales & Rentals, Commercial Sales & Leasing, and other professional services including Valuations, Property Management, Financing, Auctioning etc.  
Location & Contacts 
Cavendish House, 2 Cavendish Road, Hamilton 
Phone: (441)292.3921, 
eMoo is a popular community website in Bermuda that deals with various areas including rentals and sales. They have been in operation since many years. As you visit their website, click on the Real Estate link. You will see options for Sale or Rentals. Depending on your requirement, click on a link to see the details of the entries along with pictures. 
I have seen that particularly for rentals, eMoo lists reasonably priced rental accommodations, some offering real value for money. You can even register on their website and place an advert for the type of accommodation you are looking for. The website is also quite useful to find furniture, scooters, appliances and various other household things. You can email them at [email protected] for more information about a property and to help you close a deal. 
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