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Are you fascinated by the sands, climate and the blue waters of Bermuda so much that you now want to have a piece of the island to yourself? May be a beautiful house or a condo by the seaside, or at the minimum a small apartment. If you are a non-Bermudian, you will need a lot of heart and money to pursue this dream. 
Property sale to foreigners is quite limited in Bermuda. Also, you need to spend over a few million dollars to own a house in the island. Check out the information and my recommendations on Buying Property in Bermuda to know about what it takes to own a property in Bermuda and what is the best way to approach this mission. 
However if you are a resident Bermudian, there are multiple options for you to own your own house or an apartment, and there are many agencies to help you out in your search for the right accommodation. Check out Bermuda Real Estate Agencies to see my review of the leading property agencies in Bermuda and their service offerings along with contact details. 
There is also some good news for the foreigners as well. If you plan to be living in Bermuda, there are other great ways to do it. If your stay is temporary, for example you have come to the island on a job, then renting a house, apartment or a condo is probably the best answer, instead of owning them. Depending on number of rooms and type of accommodation, the monthly rent can range anywhere between $2,500 for a one-room studio to a $30,000 for a plush cottage style house by the ocean side. 
Check out my section on Bermuda Housing and House Rentals to know more about housing in Bermuda and how to find the right rentals. 
If you plan to visit Bermuda on repeated vacations, and I know of many Americans who do that, a great option is to go for Timeshare or Fractional ownership. This will also allow you to share your love for Bermuda with your friends and families for generations to come. With such arrangements, you can own a beautiful property like a cottage with sweeping ocean views and great facilities for few days of the year while sharing the ownership with other timeshared owners. Although the cost varies widely depending on the position and type of the property, generally you can enter such timeshares within a range of $150,000 - $400,000. 

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