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With outright ownership of properties in Bermuda becoming increasingly difficult for foreigners, timeshares or fractional ownership are turning out to be great solutions. This is an arrangement where you enter into a long term property deed for a vacation home. Such properties would be usually part of a vacation residence complex developed by a large group in Bermuda. 
So you get a timeshared property in one of the top locations in the island which you can use for your vacations for a few days or weeks in a year. There will be other owners of the same property who will use it at different times. Since the agreements are usually long term, you can even share it with your friends and families for generations. 
One of the greatest advantages of timeshares is that you can enjoy the vacation stays for years to come at today's price. You can even make a will or sell your ownership to others at any point of time. 
Depending on the type and location of the property, you can enter a timeshare agreement in Bermuda for about $150,000 to $400,000. And what you get in return is a Bermuda vacation home with perfect homelike privacy along with great facilities offered by the property complex. 
Many of the top timeshare properties in Bermuda are located in spectacular settings, some with great views of water, and most with great in-complex amenities. So every time you are back in Bermuda, you stay at your favorite home in the island. 
We have visited all the well known timeshares in Bermuda, looked into the properties and even talked to some of the existing owners. The following properties in my view provide the best value for money considering location, privacy, design of the accommodation, amenities, and proximity to beaches and other attractions: 
The Reefs Club is a property of one of our top favorite resorts in Bermuda - The Reefs. Located in Southampton parish and right next to the resort, The Reefs Club has 2/3 bedroom waterfront residences with wonderful view of the ocean.  
Other than the beautifully appointed vacation homes, the resort also extends its world-class hospitality services and amenities to its timeshare residents. The construction of The Reefs Club was completed in 2009. The owner of The Reefs property, David Dodwell acquired the adjacent undeveloped land to build these fractional ownership homes. Check out the link above to get details of The Reefs Club timeshare property with pictures and contacts. 
St. George's 
Located at the eastern end of the island, St George's Club is nestled in a picturesque setting offering 71 nice cottages, many of which are available as timeshares. The construction of the property was completed in 1985.  
Attractions include great beaches like Achilles Bay, club's own restaurants that are quite popular dining choices in the island, a great golf course, and St. Catherine Fort. The club is only 3 miles from the International Airport. Visit the above link for details of the property and contacts. 
Part of the Newstead Belmont Hill Golf Resort and Spa, the complex has excellent 1, 2 and 3-bedroom waterfront suites overlooking the Hamilton Harbor. While this is a resort, it also offers fractional or timeshare ownership. As a timeshare owner, you will be able to avail most of the amenities and services of the resort.  
This luxurious resort offers an 18-hole golf course, a spa, fully-serviced suites, restaurants, room service dining, tennis, an infinity pool and concierge. Check out the link above to know about the accommodations and the special privileges for the timeshare owners. 
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