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Florists in Bermuda play an important role because flowers are integral part of Bermuda weddings, and many other special and personal occasions. One of the world's prettiest islands, Bermuda is covered with beautiful lush gardens that bloom many different types of flowers. Fresh Bermuda flowers can be beautifully arranged with designer accessories by the stem to create an exquisite bouquet. 
Flowers of many kinds and colors can create a unique accent for the special day. While decorating a room, flowers of different colors and types arranged creatively can turn an ordinary interior into an extraordinary one. 
For weddings, flowers in Bermuda are used for many purposes such as for the church, for the couple, bridal party and to decorate the reception hall. The wedding couple really needs to choose the colors of the wedding flowers - it can be pastels to vibrant pinks and reds as per the floral arrangements. Depending on the type and colors of the flowers, different types of bouquets can be created by arranging the flowers differently. 
Cascading Bouquets are arranged utilizing a bridal holder with a handle on the back where the body of flowers will face forward and cascade downward. 
Presentation Style Bouquets are arranged with several stems of flowers loosely bound together with open stems and ribbon bow which are often known as Queen Style. And the Traditional Bouquets consist of the florist choice of flowers such as: Casablanca Lily, Roses, Orchids, greenery and any other filler flowers. 
Bermuda has a good selection of flower shops and florists. Many florists on the island have been hired for overseas events in the past.  
Here are some of the well known florists in Bermuda: 
Demco Floral Services 
They are one of the largest florists in Bermuda. In wedding events, they offer services including setting up bamboo canopy or Bermuda moongate to making bridal bouquets, church flowers and tabletop centerpieces. 
14 South Road, Devonshire DV 07 
Phone: 441/234-7777; Email: [email protected] 
Founded in June 2000  by Nikki Begg of wedding planner company Bermuda Bride. 
Design Studio: Suite One, 3 Park Road, Hamilton HM 09 
Retail Studio: 19 Queen Street, Hamilton, HM 11 
Telephone: 292-7303; Email: [email protected] 
El Shaddai Florist 
115 Middle Road, Paget PG 01 
P.O. Box WK 197, Warwick WK BX 
Phone: 441/236-2469, Mobile: 441/799-0208, Email: [email protected] 
Gardine’s – Flowers ’n Things 
Shelly Bay MarketPlace Plaza,  
110 North Shore Road, Hamilton Parish 
Phone: 441/293-4971 Fax: 441/293-0886, Cell: 735-9116 
Gimi Design Studio 
1 North Court Avenue, Pembroke 
Phone: 441/297-GIMI (4464); Email: info@flowersbygimi 
The Roses Flower Shop 
21 Hog Bay Level, Sandys SB 02 
P.O. Box SN 19, Somerset Bridge SB BX 
Phone: 441/234-2734; Email: [email protected] 
Designer Flowers 
X Closed 
In operation since 1986, they have several branches in Bermuda: 
- Heron Bay Market Place Plaza, 227 Middle Road, Southampton. Phone: 441/238-1490 
- Windsor Place, 18 Queen Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441/295-4380 
- Washington Mall, 20 Church Street, Hamilton. Phone: 441/292-4750  
(now owned by Designer Flowers) 
X Closed 
6 Parliament Street, Hamilton City. Phone: 441/236-3238 
Note: They have moved out from earlier location of Paget Plaza, in Paget Parish 
House of Flowers 
X Closed 
Washington Mall, Hamilton, Pembroke Parish 
Suite 155, 8 South Road, Smith’s FL 05 
Phone: 441/292-4750; Email: [email protected] 
East End Flower Alley 
X Closed 
3 Bridge Street, St. George’s 
Phone: 441/297-1929; Email: [email protected] 
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