Bermuda Nightclub Directory

Here are the directory listings of all the popular nightclubs in Bermuda. The entries are listed Alphabetically. Check out the links given below for full page review of the nightclubs along with pictures. 
Hubie's Jazz Bar X Closed 
This has been the Mecca of Jazz in Bermuda and has showcased many local and overseas talented musicians over the years. Smooth drinks and mellowed live jazz have entertained hundreds of locals and tourists over decades. UPDATE: Hubies, which closed down in 2010, has reopened under a new name The Loft At Hubie's
Level Nightclub X Closed 
Located off Front Street at Hamilton, this is essentially music and dance club having both inside area and an outside courtyard. 
Located in St. George, this is a relatively new night club and is part of the White Horse Pub and Restaurant. 
The former Splash Night club in Bermuda is reopened as LV's Piano Jazz bar and lounge. It offers Jazz and other live music. 
Moon Nightclub X Closed 
This relatively new nightclub is located on Front Street, Hamilton City and offers safe but sophisticated social clubbing experience under that stars. 
Ozone Nightclub is located in Hamilton Bermuda. It also has a rock room. 
Pier Six 
This is located on Front Street Hamilton and only yards away from the pier where the cruise ships dock. They often organize events and bring in best of DJs from the island and have parties going up to late nights. Pier 6 is a casual place for drinks, dance and eats. There is inside and outside space. 
Located in Hamilton Bermuda, it features four bars, a nightclub, a sports bar and a restaurant. With classic soul, reggae and soca, the DJs keep the dance floor busy. Spinning Wheel is a locals favorite and has evolved as an evening entertainment center. 
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