Bermuda Expatriate Organizations

There are a number of expatriate organizations in Bermuda. They provide great means to newcomers in Bermuda to meet with fellow expats and participate in social activities. Time to time, they organize get-togethers and other social events in Bermuda. Here is the list of expat organizations in Bermuda. 
American Society of Bermuda 
Founded in 1953, the organization has been active in the areas of enabling friendship among the US citizens or ex-citizens living in Bermuda, promoting friendly relationships between Bermudians and U.S Expats, celebrate some of the American National Holidays, and collaborate with the US Consul General to help disseminate information on legislation and other matters to the members. The society works on membership ($80 for a couple/ $40 for a single person, for a year). 
Phone: 441/291-3543. Email: [email protected] 
International Women's Club Bermuda (IWCB) 
They have been actively assisting women moving to Bermuda since 1981. If you are a woman relocating to Bermuda, they will help make your transition a lot easier. They have over 200 members. The club also organizes a host of activities such as art, yoga, tennis, badminton, golfing, walking tours, photography, books for reading etc. They usually hold a monthly coffee morning for the ladies to get together, socialize and meeting new friends. Membership fees for first time members is $50, which can then be renewed every year. 
Email (further info for new islanders): [email protected] 
American Ladies in Bermuda (ALIB) 
Although from the name it appears that the organization is meant only for American ladies, it actually caters to ladies of all nationalities. It provides support and information to new comers and also does fund raising programs. It meets between 2-4pm at the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club on every third Sunday of a month. The club is located at Albuoys Point in Hamilton city. 
Call Gail Adcock at 441/236-6881 for further information. 
Association of Canadians in Bermuda 
This is an organization for expatriate Canadians. Canada day celebration organized by the association is quite popular with the Canadian population in Bermuda. It also Provides useful information to Canadians living in Bermuda and those considering to move to Bermuda. Membership fee is $20.  
Email: [email protected] / [email protected] for further information. 
New Islanders group 
This is a women's organization particularly for new residents of Bermuda. They organize monthly get-togethers for women to meet and participate in various sporting activities. Although it is affiliated with International American Women's Club, it is open to all.  
Call 441/293-0925 for more information. Email at [email protected] and the New Islanders chairperson will call you with more details. For general enquiry you can mail at [email protected]
Bermuda Newcomers Inter-varsity Club 
This is a social and sporting club for the new residents of Bermuda. They meet every Tuesday evening at the Docksiders Pub in Hamilton City. Call 441/292-9018 for more information. 
English Speaking Union 
This is one of the oldest cultural organizations in Bermuda and was established in 1922 to promote friendship. It has close to 200 members. Located at The Cedars in Cedar Avenue, Hamilton. 
Phone: 441/292-7684. 
Emerald Isle Society 
This is a society mainly for the Irish nationals in Bermuda. They meet on every third Friday of a month. St. Patrick's day is always celebrated by them usually over an excellent 5-course dinner and a dance. They also bring in Irish entertainer for this event. Call 441/292-6889 for details. 
The Bermuda Irish Association is another society that started in the year 2013 for Irish nationals on the island. The new association works towards bringing more emphasis on the Irish culture and raising donations for local charities. They also hold many functions throughout the year including St. Patrick’s evening and Christmas Lunch. 
Alliance Francaise en Bermudes 
This is an organization for the French nationals. You can join even if you speak French. They have lots of activities in July 14 and also on some other days. You can attend French cultural events, movies and concerts at discounted rates, celebrate Bastille Day and Christmas in traditional French style and also practice your French at the monthly Café Francais. Membership fee is $30 for individuals, $50 for families and $10 for students. 
Voice mail: 441/291 4758. 
West Indian Association of Bermuda 
This is a social organization for the Caribbean nationals living in Bermuda. Annual membership fee is $20. 
Phone 441/293-3452; 441/524-2216.  
Jamaican Association 
For Jamaicans living and working in Bermuda. Members meet at the DR E F Gordon Hall at the BIU Building, (Union Street) on the last Tuesday of each month. 
Call 441/291-4398; 441/331-2974  for details. 
Circulo Hispanico 
This is an informal gathering of Spanish or Central/South American nationals in Bermuda. They meet on alternate Thursday evenings at Wesley Methodist Church Hall, Church Street, Hamilton. 
Phone 441/295-7506 during day time or 441/238-0724 in the evening. 
Caledonian Society of Bermuda 
This is a Scottish society that organizes many events through out the year including Annual Burn's Dinner in January and St. Andrew's Ball in November. They also provide philanthropic support to various local charities. 
Call 441/296-2671 for membership and other information. 
Association of Filipinos in Bermuda 
This association was formed in 1995 with the intention of fostering unity among the Filipinos residing and working in Bermuda. They hold social, cultural, educational and even sporting events. 
Phone: +1 441-591-5225 
Barbados Association of Bermuda 
This is a non-profit organization that contributes to various causes in Bermuda and Barbados. Its main purpose is to foster better relationship between Barbadians and Bermudians as well as to share cultural, social and professional experiences. 
Phone: (441) 293-5067 x309 
Address: 51 Reid Street, Hamilton HM 11, Bermuda. 
Vasco da Gama Club 
Aimed at safeguarding the Portuguese language and culture in Bermuda, this association was formed in the year 1935. They organize various events and activities including cultural, community and sporting activities, Portuguese language classes etc. New membership fee is $100. 
Phone: (441) 292-7196  
Add: 51 Reid St., Hamilton HM 12 

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