Bermuda Pharmacies and Drugstores
For Medical Supply

Caesar's Pharmacy 
30-32 Somerset Road, Sandy's 
Phone: 441/234-0851 Fax: 441/234-0783, Email: [email protected] 
Opening hours: Mon - Sat: 9am-7pm, Sun: 2-6 pm 
Hamilton Pharmacy Ltd. 
17 Parliament Street, Hamilton 
P.O. Box HM 250, Hamilton HM AX 
Phone: 441/295-7005, 441/292-0398 (Office), 
Fax: 441/295-3318; Email: [email protected] 
Hayward's Supermarket/Deli 
49 Middle Road, Warwick 
Phone: 441/232-3995 Fax: 441/232-5429 
Lindo's Pharmacy 
4 Watlington Road East, Devonshire 
Phone: 441/236-7732 Fax: 441/236-7922 
People’s Pharmacy Ltd. 
62 Victoria Street, Hamilton, Bermuda 
P.O. Box HM 2098, Hamilton, Bermuda HM JX 
Phone: 441-292-9261 Fax: 441-292-8186 
A major chain of Pharmacies in Bermuda, Phoenix has several retail outlets throughout the island. They carry wide range if medicines and provide pharmacy services. You can even refill your prescription online at their website, mention a pickup point and collect your medicines later as you pass by the store. Visit the above link for details. 
Robertson’s Drug Store 
24 York Street, St. George’s, Bermuda 
P.O. Box GE 52, St. George’s GE BX 
Phone: 441/297-1736 Fax: 441/297-8140 
Somerset Pharmacy Ltd. 
49 Mangrove Bay Road, Sandy's 
Phone: 441/234-2484 Fax: 234-1158 
Southside Supermarket  
26 Southside Road, St. George's 
Phone: 441/297-3959 Fax: 441/297-4272 
White's Supermarket 
22 Middle Road, Warwick 
Phone: 441/238-1050 Fax: 441/238-8548