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Planning a wedding in Bermuda on your own can be an extremely time consuming and complicated process. If you are a foreigner and do not have experienced local contacts, coordinating a marriage in an entirely new country can be quite difficult. You are unlikely to be familiar with the possible locations for wedding and reception. You will also be unfamiliar with the availability and reliability of local suppliers.  
There is sometimes the notion that you may be able to save significant cost if you are arranging the marriage on your own. I would say that's largely a myth. Since you don't know many things about the various factors involved, you don't probably know the right cost either. The wedding or marriage planners in Bermuda can help with the right suppliers and since they deal with them often, they get discounts which they pass on to you. 
Most importantly, you would probably not know who to turn to if anything goes drastically wrong. And this is where Bermuda’s professional wedding planners can come quite handy and make the wedding stress free for you.  
A wedding planner can be an individual or a group, who can arrange and manage all aspects of a wedding. Their services generally include consultation and coordination in finding and booking the right location, arranging music and entertainment, floral decorations, wedding dresses, photographers, catering, wedding food and cake, gifts, wedding transportation, taking appointment and reserving a registered marriage officer for the wedding day, coordinate wedding rehearsal and more. A wedding planner will be there with every step of the way to ensure success for that perfect day. 
Bermuda's wedding planners are familiar with what local suppliers can and cannot do, how proficient and reliable they are, and who provides the best value for money. On the basis of personal taste, dreams and budget, they can provide an accurate assessment of the total cost of the wedding.  
Whether a small intimate wedding or a large scale event, with a professional service and personal timely attention, a wedding planner takes away the stress of planning a wedding. They also know how to handle the unforeseen events. 
There are several independent wedding planners in Bermuda who are experts in organizing weddings and other specialized events. Here are the ones that you can consider: 

The Wedding Consultants

Bermuda Bride 
Founded by Nikki J Begg in 2000, this is a full time Bermuda based Destination wedding planning company. They specialize in planning, coordinating and designing every aspect of destination weddings. Their emphasis is on simple, yet elegant occasions. 
They can take care of designing the overall wedding theme and details, flowers, music, photography, location, legal aspects, transports etc. Alternatively they also offer hourly consultation just in case you want to organize the wedding yourself and like some guidance to get a start. 
Address:3 Park Road, Suite One, Hamilton HM 09, Bermuda. 
Phone: 441/295-8697; Email: [email protected] 
The Essence of Elegance Events 
The company was earlier known as 'To Have and To Hold Wedding & Event Planning'. It has been now re-branded. This is a full service event planning company offering a range of consulting services for weddings, anniversaries, corporate functions and parties. The consultants are experienced and dedicated professionals with many years of event planning experience. 
The company is owned by Yolanda P. Furbert who is a certified Bridal Consultant, Wedding Planner and has received a designation of Accredited Bridal Consultant. She is also a registered member of the Association of Bridal Consultants. Her company has planned over 250 weddings. 
The main service offerings include: 
  • Assistance with wedding locations 
  • Budget planning and management 
  • Vendor recommendation and coordination 
  • Advise and assistance with florists, hair stylists, entertainers, musicians etc. 
  • Assistance with Marriage Proposal planning 
  • Planning bachelor parties, and more... 
  • Address: 98 Spice Hill Road, P. O. Box WK 537, Warwick WK BX  Bermuda 
    Toll-Free: 877.734.4098, Office: 441.432.1019, Mobile: 441.532.1019 
    The Bridal Suite 
    This is a family based business run by Mr. and Mrs. Simmons, a married couple, who have been designing and managing Bermuda weddings since 1989. They got the coveted job of organizing 10 weddings on the same day of 10/10/10. 
    Address: 3 Limehouse Lane, Hamilton Parish Bermuda CR03 
    Phone: (441) 707-1318  
    Toll Free: 1.855.213.4583 
    Bermuda Event Solutions 
    Having worked for several years in corporate events in Bermuda, Kathleen and Emily started their own company in 2009 to offer complete wedding solutions. They are both certified wedding planners and members of Bermuda Wedding Planners' Association. 
    They have coordinated several weddings successfully with small to large groups. Their services include - Full service package from start to finish, Wedding day package to help you with planning and preparation o the day of wedding, and hourly consultation over phone or face to face. 
    Email: [email protected]; Phone: (441) 236 9469 
    Rose of Sharon 
    This is a family based company offering packages for destination weddings. Packages include Wedding Ceremony, or including Wedding Reception etc. They specialize in event timeline management and budget tracking and offer services for different budget ranges. 
    Address: 9 Benny's Bay Road, Sandys Parish, Bermuda. 
    Phone (office): 441/232-2853; Mobile: 441/505-7715 
    Email: [email protected]; Website: 
    A Wedding in Bermuda 
    Kathy Austin Hutchings runs this company and she is a certified wedding specialist herself. Her main services include coordination and selection of venue, vendor coordination, theme creation, hotel booking, rehearsal dinner arrangement, wedding transportation, overall timeline management etc. She offers consultation/service on a per-house basis and minimum for 10 hours. 
    Phone: (441) 599 0756; Email: Email: [email protected] 
    All the Trimmings 
    The company is formed by the partners Katie Trimingham and Laura Bolton, and in operation since 2013. Both have worked for several years in the catering, event planning and hospitality industries. They are both certified Wedding and Event planners with lots of experience in both corporate and private events. The company is a full service event management company, specializing in weddings, with services ranging from full service planning, to day management and hourly consultation. 
    Their unique selling points includes offering a fresh perspective in the Bermuda wedding industry, provide exceptional, personal and unique service to clients. They are happy to meet face to face with local clients, or can communicate by phone, skype and facetime to assist overseas clients. 
    Office address- 26 St. Mark's Road, Smiths FL05, Bermuda 
    Contacts in Bermuda: 
  • Katie Trimingham- [email protected]; Phone: 441-535-9992  
  • Laura Bolton- [email protected]; Phone: 441-705-5086 
  • Website: 
    The Traveling Bride 
    Lisa and Giuliana are the co-owners of this service. They offer several wedding packages, a popular one being 'Endless Love' which includes arranging a minister for wedding, coordinating and making payment for wedding license, location fee, photographer, signing table and chair, 8 white folding chairs, planning and coordinating, shuttle transportation for 10 etc. The package price varies with size of the accompanying group and customization. 
    Giuliana Gonsalves and Lisa Frias, 3 Underhill Crescent, Pembroke, Hamilton, Bermuda.  
    For further info, Email: [email protected]; Phone: 305-440-9896 or 786-425-7462. 
    Destination Wedding Bermuda 
    This is a wedding and event organizing company in the island formed by Demco (which is the largest florists in Bermuda) and Katie Trimingham, a certified wedding and event specialist. Katie is the main person for weddings and events, and has several years of experience in event services, catering and event decor. They offer full wedding services. 
    Address: 14 South Road, Devonshire, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 236-8252; 
    Update: Katie is no longer part of Destination Wedding Bermuda. However the company continues to offer wedding related services through its team of professionals. 

    Wedding and Party Rentals

    If you are looking to directly rent items for wedding or reception party, Bermuda offers some great options. In fact you can save quite a lot if you directly go for the rentals, and most of these rental companies have years of experience to guide you with exactly what you may require for the occasion. 
    Some of the things that you can rent directly include the tent (which will be set up by the company at the specified venue), tables and chairs with covers, lighting, furniture, dinnerware, linens, catering supplies like chaffing dishes, event decor, chandeliers and candelabras, carpet runners, flower vases, chocolate fountains, beverage dispensers, serving trays and China items, and even dance floor... the list is literally endless. Other than rental cost, there is also delivery/pickup charge. 
    Here are some of the best in business when it comes to wedding and party rentals in Bermuda: 
    Bermuda Rentals 
    Douglas Howe established the company way back in 1984 and never imagined that it would ever grow to this stature. But it did because of the passion and professional skills of the staff and his own. They virtually rent everything including tents, all kinds of event furniture and equipment, generators, dehumidifiers, blowers for drying carpets, bouncy castles and children’s games for parties and lot more, and also back it up with many tools starting from jack hammers to pressure washers. 
    25 Serpentine Road, Pembroke, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 292 7172; Email: [email protected] 
    Hours: Monday to Friday (8am to 5:30pm), Saturday (9am to 4pm), Sunday closed. 
    Exclusive Events 
    Other than offering rentals, they also specialize in setting up an event from start to finish. 
    75 Reid Street, Hamilton, Bermuda. Phone: (441) 238-3331; Email: [email protected] 
    Hours: Monday to Friday (10am - 5pm), Saturday by appointment, Sunday closed. 

    Hotels offering wedding packages in Bermuda

    There are several luxury hotels and resorts in Bermuda who also have in-house wedding planners or tie-ups with local and international wedding planners to work on wedding details. 
    For hotel offers, visit Hotel Weddings in Bermuda

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    Reviews and Comments on Bermuda Wedding Planners

    Vikas (July 2018) 
    Unfortunately I had a similar experience with Allister Simmons of Bridal Suite Bermuda Weddings as Laurie Asperas did in November 2014. 
    Allister never understood our vision for our wedding.  He provided suggestions for wedding locations, musicians, and type of ceremonies that were not one bit in-line with our wedding desires.  He spent countless hours contacting merchants that were not consistent to our detailed requests. He had no intention to ever stay within a budget that we provided to him for his services. We ended up firing him and I am inquiring about my legal remedies to try to obtain my deposit that I gave him.   
    We ended up having our wedding at the Hamilton Princess (which my wife found on her own) and were extremely happy with their services.  There are many on-line resources to find all of the different vendors/merchants you may need for a beautiful wedding in Bermuda and we ended up coordinating everything on our own and with the assistance of the Hamilton Princess staff. Please don't make the same mistake Laurie and I made.  I only wish I had come across her review before I mistakenly engaged the services of Allister. 
    Kelly O'Shaughnessy (February 2016) 
    Hi! We are interested in obtaining information about planning our wedding for February 25th, 2017. Were avid travelers and want to add Bermuda to our list! Your website was listed on a few travel pages as a wonderful resource about the island. We were hoping that you could send us information and pricing to help us narrow our search/ discuss you being a planner. Our ideal wedding would be in an outdoor space, or a space with an overhead canopy. We are assuming we will have between 100 and 200 guests. They would all be staying at the same resort. Transportation to and from the airport for them is important to us. We were wondering: 
    1. Does the island have hotels that offer all inclusive packages/ group rates? 
    2. Could you provide an idea about packages and group room rates if our guests wanted to participate in the all-inclusive package? 
    3. One of our very important guests is wheelchair bound. Is the hotel handicap accessible (meaning the venues, rooms, and shower)? We appreciate your time and assistance in advance! Best, 
    Raj ( February 2016 
    Hi, Just for clarity, ours is an information-only site and we do not offer any event planning services. To give you a head start, your first point of contact should be a credible wedding planner in the island, more so because your group size is large. There is no hotel in Bermuda which offers end-to-end all inclusive wedding packages for groups. Some do offer wedding packages, but that usually includes only the wedding ceremony part of it and sometimes the reception party, while all other aspects like rooms, food, transport, music, photography, entertainment etc etc will need to be provisioned separately. A wedding planner can coordinate with a hotel and design an all-inclusive package for you depending on your requirement. Several services might need to be out-sourced to 3rd parties outside the hotel. There are few hotels that have wheelchair accessibility. 
    Theresa Moniz (February 2015) 
    Good afternoon, I would like to have a bridal shower for my daughter in law to be on April 19th and would like suggestions of places that would do everything (i.e. decorate/food) and I would just have to pay the bill. Any suggestions? thanks, 
    Raj ( February 2015 
    Hi, suggest you contact a local wedding planner like 'To have and to hold' who can arrange all logistics. 
    Laurie Asperas (November 2014) 
    I recently had my wedding in Bermuda. I initially used Allister Simmons of We got the name on this site. Although we looked for reviews we could find very little but went with Allister on faith. Well, after getting over priced quotes (we did background checks) having to find our own photographers, horses etc, having our budget blown out of proportion and then slapped with extra fees at the last minute we were DONE! We were fortunate to find Yolanda at to have and to hold ! In little time Yolanda was able to make our DREAM wedding a reality!! complete with hoses fairies, and all! PLUS alternative beaches in case of rain hide away spots and super personal care of every need! All in our budget!! SO folks be ware of Bridal Suite and Definitely call Yolanda at to have and to hold!!! 
    Raj ( November 2014 
    When I asked Laurie (the previous reviewer) to share some more details about the services she used and her experiences, she sent me the following post. 
    Laurie Asperas (November 2014) 
    A brief story on what happened so you'll understand: We totally trusted Allister Simmons (of The Bridal Suite) to take care of a small beach wedding with a party of 7. I looked for reviews but couldn't find any.  
    All we needed was a moongate, a horse, photographer, video-grapher and a taxi. We were staying up the road from the beach we were using. We told him we had a budget and he agreed to stick to it.  
    When his estimate was 3000 over he suggested we cut things out of the plan (he had added things we didn't ask for) and we did. We actually compromised our wedding because of his lies! And when he re estimated the Bill he added another $550 for himself! He said it took 36 hours to arrange our wedding?? I did most of the work! I found my own minister, horse, photographer. What was left? 
    The total for moongate rental $1050!, the same rental from the same place was 500 dollars, delivered and set up. $ 450 an hour for a horse. The horse was 250 dollars. So when caught Allister Simmons of Bridal Suite over charging for rentals we asked him to come clean and he didn't. He threatened us with loss of deposit. That's when I found Yolanda from to have and to hold. The Reef Hotel gave me her information. AND she was an angel! We had a perfect wedding for the price we had in mind.