Closed and Restricted Jobs in Bermuda

While Bermuda offers life changing job opportunities to many, unfortunately such opportunities are not equally available to all skill areas. This is because some category of jobs require low skills or such skills that are easily available in the island, and the government of Bermuda wants to ensure that islanders are not denied of such job opportunities. 
There are certain category of jobs which are closed to all foreigners. Only eligible Bermudians, their spouses and permanent resident card holders can get such jobs. 
Restricted Category of jobs have certain restrictions. They are not only thoroughly assessed by higher authorities, they also come with restrictions on number of years for which the work permit is issued (usually up to a maximum of 1 year). 
The employer also has to provide enough evidence that any Bermudian candidates recommended by Department of Workforce have been properly considered before hiring a foreigner. Several other special conditions may be imposed by the ministry including no career prospects/promotions etc. However otherwise the application process for the restricted category is same as that of open category. 
Here are all the different categories of jobs in Bermuda. Any job which does not fall within closed, restricted or special conditions category is considered open to all including foreigners. 

Closed Category Jobs

Airline Ground Agent, Floor Supervisor, General Labourer, Office Receptionist, Painter, Salesperson, Tourist Retail Salesperson, Taxi-Driver, Wallpaper Technician, Grocery Packer, Cashier, Courier.  

Restricted Category Jobs

Bank Teller, Bartender, Carpet Installer, Commercial Cleaner, Entertainer/Musician, Fisherman, Photographer, Technical Salesperson, Travel Agent/Consultant, Carpenter, Administrative Assistant, Room Attendants, Kitchen Porter, Dish/Pot Washer, Landscape Gardener, Mason. 

Special Category Jobs

Accountant Employed at Auditing or Accounting Firm; Child-Care Giver; Fine Artist; Hospital Nurse and Physician; Hospitality: Seasonal Work Permit; Live-In Nanny/Housekeeper (Private Home); Locum Pharmacist; Part-time Occasional Model; Music School Teacher; Musician or Entertainer; Other Live-In Domestic Employees (Private Home); Photographer; Senior Care Giver. 
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Visitors' Reviews &Comments

Asela Chanaka De Silva (November 2014) 
I am a Srilankan.I would like to apply for a job in Landscaping Field. I came to know its included in restricted category. So I want to know can I apply as a landscaper Gardner and how do I apply for that. 
Raj ( November 2014 
In restricted category you can apply like any other job, but there are some special conditions imposed by the ministry. The restrictions/conditions depend on the job type. One of the common special conditions is work permit issued only for up to 12 months and only after proper verification that no Bermudian is eligible for the job.