Bermuda Employment Opportunities

To get an employment in Bermuda and then be working and living there, a non-Bermudian will require a job plus a Work Permit. The work permit application is made by the employer and is issued by the Bermuda Department of Immigration. 
However, before the application for work permit can be made, the employer needs to advertise and ensure that there is no eligible Bermudian available for the job. And only once that is ensured, the hiring company can offer a job to an expat and make application for the work permit. 
Job in Bermuda 
Bermuda too has its own problem of unemployment. In 2018, the unemployment rate in Bermuda was 6%. The entire process above ensures that in a small country like Bermuda with a population of only about 65,000, the employment to Bermudians are not jeopardized due to foreign employees. 
So knowing that a Bermudian will always be given preference for an available position, do you think it's a big challenge to get a job in Bermuda? Actually not. Firstly, there are large number of job positions where Bermuda does not have enough locally available skilled resources, and the employers in such cases have no options but to look for skills from outside Bermuda. This is however mostly applicable for certain categories of skilled jobs that are described in the sections below. 
Secondly, there are jobs where the Bermudians themselves are not interested to work. So there is always plenty of job opportunities in Bermuda, both in private and public sectors. Note that over 25% of Bermuda's total job positions are filled by expatriates who live in the island on work permit. 

Key Employment Statistics in Bermuda

Data Source: 2022 Bermuda Employment Survey results published by Government of Bermuda 
In 2020-21, out of the total filled jobs of 31,316, non-Bermudians or expatriates held 6,952 jobs and this figure does not include jobs held by Permanent Resident Certificate (PRC) holders and non-Bermudian spouses of Bermudian citizens. Compared to the previous year, there is a decline of 276 jobs (3.8%). In 2020-21, Bermudians held a total of 22,003 jobs (a decline of 747 or 3.3% compared to the previous year). This overall decline is mainly attributed to the Covid pandemic. 
In 2020-21, filled jobs for Males decreased by 3.6% (-596) to 15,855 and filled jobs for Females also decreased by 3.2% (-515) to 15,461. The average annual gross earning in 2020-21 across all employees in Bermuda was $66,836 (a 2.7% increase over the previous year). However, the average annual gross salary of expatriates (or non-Bermudians) was $82,189 (spouses excluded). 
Out of the total jobholders across the island, the major occupational groups of job holders were: 
  • Professionals (21%) 
  • Senior Officials & Managers (20%) 
  • Service Workers, Shop & Market Sales Workers (19%) 
  • Clerks (15%) 
  • Technicians and Associate Professionals (9%) 
    Work Permits Issued: 
  • Private Sector Work Permits: 6,469 
  • Public Sector Work Permits: 344 

    High employment opportunities in Bermuda

    Job categories such as Nurse/ Accountant/ Mason/ Waiter/ Landscape Gardener/ Chef offer the highest employment opportunities in Bermuda. These have been identified as job categories that have large number of active work permits and therefore the numbers are often subjected to scrutiny and change. In fact, employers who employ more than 10 work permit holders in the above mentioned professions are invited by the Immigration Department to boost the number of locals in these jobs. 
    There are however several other job categories where foreigners can apply and get jobs in Bermuda. Below are all the professions and job categories that offer attractive job prospects. Go through the individual category links for respective details. 
    With large number of offshore financial business, there are plenty of vacancies in Bermuda for qualified accountants. Go through the above link to get a review of accountancy and audit jobs in Bermuda, the opportunities and positions they offer, and how to get the right job. 
    A review of Bermuda banking jobs in areas including fund management, trust management, finance, audit, IT department etc. 
    A review of construction jobs in Bermuda, the positions that are in high demand, how to apply and lot more. 
    Know about Bermuda government or public sector jobs, the commonly available positions, what they offer, how to apply etc. 
    A review of Bermuda hotel jobs and employment in hospitality industry, the trend, opportunities, jobs in demand, how to apply and more. 
    If you are a medical professional like a doctor or a nurse and looking for a job in Bermuda, other than the usual work permit, you will also need a medical license. And this is necessary for both local and foreign healthcare professionals. Find out how to go about getting a job and license in Bermuda in healthcare. 
    Information Technology Jobs in Bermuda, job positions commonly available, the offers, how to apply and more. 
    A review of Bermuda jobs in insurance and reinsurance sectors, commonly available positions, job requirements, how to apply and more. Insurance and other financial services form the largest international market in Bermuda. 
    Checkout Bermuda's Insurance Market to get an estimate of how large this market is and what role it is playing in Bermuda's Economy. 
    A review of the legal jobs in Bermuda, what it takes to get a job in a law firm or in corporate houses, how to apply, and more. 
    Primary and secondary schools (both private and public) hire qualified teachers both from the island as well as from overseas countries. Know about the qualification requirements, average salary and how to apply for a teacher's job in a public (government run) schools or a private school. 

    How to find a job in Bermuda?

    Note that as non-Bermudian, you can only apply for a job in Bermuda from outside Bermuda. Do not attempt to visit Bermuda as a tourist and scout around for a job... that won't work. The only exception when you can apply for a job while in Bermuda is if you are spouse of an expatriate who is already working in Bermuda and you have come to live with your spouse in Bermuda. 
    1) An effective option to get a job in Bermuda is to go through reputed hiring agencies who specialize in Bermuda. They are always on top of the subject and would have a ready database of available jobs. Some of them also specialize in certain fields such as jobs in finance and insurance. They usually take their fees from the employers, so they act as your free yet powerful engines to find jobs.  
    Go through Bermuda Recruitment Agencies to know about the key hiring agencies for Bermuda. 
    2) Employers in Bermuda advertise regularly in the local daily The Royal Gazette. You can see the job openings online under this Jobs section of Royal Gazette. You can get the full job description, employer details and even the contact details so that you can apply directly to the employer. 
    3) The website shows a list of available jobs in Bermuda that have been publicly advertised. You can search jobs by job type, industry or keywords, and apply directly. Note that all job descriptions and details are not always displayed in full completeness, so this site doesn't seem to be updated consistently, nevertheless it has a list of currently open jobs. 
    4) There are other online aggregators like where you can enter the job location as 'Bermuda' and see the list of available jobs along with details. You can create an account, enter a resume, and apply for any enlisted job through their website. 
    5) If you are a Bermudian and eligible to work, you should visit the Bermuda Job Board portal which is maintained by Bermuda's Department of Workforce Development and register yourself. All Bermuda based employers are required to enlist their job openings on this portal so that local Bermudians and Permanent Resident Card holders can find and apply for a job. However, job assistance through 'Bermuda Job Board' is not applicable for non-Bermudians. 

    Closed and Restricted jobs in Bermuda

    There are some categories of jobs that are either closed or restricted for foreign nationals, and available to Bermudian nationals only. This is because such jobs require skills that are generally available in Bermuda. Exceptions for restricted jobs are done at the ministerial levels only. Closed job categories are not available to non-Bermudians unless one is a spouse (or a widow) of a Bermudian. 
    Check out Bermuda Job Restrictions for the closed and restricted categories of jobs in Bermuda.  
    Note: the categories can change from time to time. Therefore check the website of Bermuda Depart of Immigration for the latest updates. 
    Raj BhattacharyaBy Raj Bhattacharya 
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    Visitors' Reviews and Comments

    Jack (August 2021) 
    Hi Raj, I am an actuary working in Reinsurance and got offered to move to Bermuda. My wife is an electrical engineer (Master in Energy Engineering). Would she have a chance to find a job in the island? Do you have some recommendations of employers/recruiters? Also, she would be open to work as well as a waitress or any other occupation for the sake of following me. Do you think it would be easier getting a job in this area like (waitress or similar)? Thanks. 
    Raj ( August 2021 
    Hi, She can certainly look for a job before or after getting to the island. The hospitality sector in Bermuda has been hit the hardest because of the Covid pandemic, so finding a waitress job in this situation can be difficult. I have discussed several high performing recruiters here
    Jack (August 2021) 
    Hi Raj, And how do you see the market for Engineers: Electrical or Energy? Thanks! 
    Raj ( August 2021 
    Hi, Electrical or Energy Engineering, unfortunately, do not fall into the 'High Opportunity' categories in Bermuda. There are low to moderate opportunities in this area. 
    Claire (September 2015) 
    Hi Raj, I am married to an auditor here in Bermuda (both of us foreigners). I have a bachelors in accounting but have not been lucky to get a job despite having been here for five years now. Is there a job I can do? I am not being choosy! I can do any job available even working at elderly homes. I have permission to seek employment here in Bermuda. Please advise. Thanks 
    Raj ( September 2015 
    Hi, your best chance is to go through the local hiring agencies who know about the suitable vacancies. While there are chances, the fact is the employers tend to somewhat de-prioritize those expat cases where one of the spouses already has a job, because justifying and getting a work permit from Immigration Department in such cases is more difficult when the island itself has problems of unemployment. 
    Having said that, there are cases where both spouses have found jobs in Bermuda. Suggest you prepare a good CV (highlight your strengths and work experience, and spell out the range of jobs you are open to) and submit it to hiring agencies
    David Evans (March 2014) 
    First I must say this is an awesome site you have created. I have a question for you with regards to coming to Bermuda as an experienced accountant. I am 32 years old, and I have had my Canadian CA designation for exactly 4 years now. I started at Ernst and Young for 4 years and then became a controller for a midsized private company thereafter. My question is whether CA's like me can still be hired in Bermuda or whether only new senior staff are hired unless they already have insurance industry experience. I would very much like to work in Bermuda as a controller/fund accountant (or Big 4 if need be) etc, but I am not sure of the nuances that affect hiring in financial services and whether the hiring market has significantly changed in recent years. Would you be able to shed any light on this for me? 
    Raj ( March 2014 
    Hi, I have listed the most well known and reputed hiring agencies for Bermuda based jobs here. You may write to them to understand your eligibility in the current market scenario: 
    Yasna (March 2013) 
    Hi, I really hope that you can help me too. At the moment I do not have job offer in accounting sector so I would like to apply for hospitality job or maybe for waitress. My husband is restaurant manager in Bermuda and we have three year old daughter. Just want to know if I can apply for a job in the hospitality sector as my husband? Thank you 
    Raj (, March 2013) 
    Hello, Are you a Bermudian or an expat wanting a job in Bermuda? Bermudians have no restrictions in any job categories. Expats can apply for jobs in Hospitality and several other sectors. You will need to go through a recruitment agency to find a job and then get a work permit.. Check out Bermuda Recruitment Agencies 
    Calvina (A Bermudian) 
    Here is a story by Calvina who is an islander and has been working in Bermuda. While it's a dream of many to get a great job in Bermuda, it may not be always easy to find the kind of job you are looking for. She narrates in great details her own experience and shares what it may take to find the right job these days that matches your profile and skill set. Check out Bermuda Job Market to know her full story and insight.