Banking jobs in Bermuda

There are actually not too many banks in Bermuda compared to the other financial organizations like insurance and reinsurance companies. There are four major banks in Bermuda who offer bulk of the jobs. The banks are: Bank of Bermuda, Butterfield Bank, Commercial Bank of Bermuda, and Clarien. Bank of Bermuda has been taken over by the HSBC group. This and the Butterfield banks are the largest of the lot. 
Both these banks provide many advanced services to its clients other than personal banking services and therefore have most of the banking job roles in Bermuda. These banks also specialize in areas like Portfolio Management, Fund Management, Private Banking and others.  
The commonly available banking jobs in Bermuda, particularly for the expatriates includes the following: 
Fund Management:  
  • Fund Accountants 
  • Account Managers 
  • Trusts Management 
  • Trust Officers,  
  • Accountants, and  
  • Administrators 
  • Information Technology Division 
  • IT Manager 
  • Database Administrator 
  • Software Developers in current technology areas 
  • Internal Audit 
  • Audit Seniors and  
  • Managers 
  • Financial Department 
  • Controllers or CFOs,  
  • Assistant Financial Controllers,  
  • Group Accountants 
    For core banking jobs, you are required to have thorough finance and banking background with recognized qualification and several years of work experience. Duration of work permit in such jobs vary from 2 - 3 years. 

    How to Apply for a job in Bermuda?

    Hiring companies in Bermuda advertise regularly in the local daily The Royal Gazette. You can scan the online version of the newspaper or check the Bermuda Recruitment Agencies to find out who are the specialist hiring agencies for Bermuda employment and apply for a job. 

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