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If you are a healthcare professional like a doctor or a nurse and wanting to work in Bermuda in the area of Healthcare, you need to know that unlike many other countries, Bermuda requires that all such healthcare professionals are licensed or registered by Bermuda Medical Council. 
This is applicable for both locals and foreigners. So irrespective of your academic and professional achievements in healthcare in your respective country, you will still need to get this license. And this is in addition to a work permit which is applicable for all foreigners in all professions. 
Most healthcare jobs for foreign nationals are available in the hospitals. There is only one main government hospital in Bermuda known as King Edward VII Memorial Hospital (KEMH) located at Paget. There are few other healthcare centers such as Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute (MWI), Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre etc. 
The above three hospitals function under the management of Bermuda Hospitals Board. There are of course several other private clinics and wellness centers where medical professionals are appointed, but mostly locals. 
All healthcare professionals (locals and foreigners) including physicians and nurses must be licensed (or registered) by Bermuda Health Council before they can practice or work. It requires an application. Depending on your specialization, you should write to the specialized council for further information as the process differs for different councils. For example, for Medicine one should write to Bermuda Medical Council, for nursing to Bermuda Nursing Council and so on. You will find info and contact details of all the councils (i.e. Professional Bodies) through this web page: 
The council also re-registers (i.e. re-qualifies) the healthcare professionals periodically (for example once in 1 or 2 years). Like all other professions, foreign doctors additionally require work permits to work in Bermuda. Once you qualify for a job, your employer (e.g. the hospital) will apply for your work permit. 
Note that Bermuda Hospitals Board publishes the current jobs availability on their website from time to time. You can also find healthcare jobs in Bermuda Job Board (visit and under Job Search use 'healthcare' as a keyword). You should also approach Bermuda Hiring Agencies who would have wider information about current jobs. There are also professional agencies who facilitate the licensing process. The health council can guide you in that. 

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