How to become a teacher in Bermuda

Like Bermudians, foreign nationals can also apply for a teaching job in Bermuda both in Private and Public schools. Primary and Secondary schools in Bermuda regularly hire qualified teachers both from the island as well as overseas countries. However, one needs to have the requisite qualifications in order to get a teaching job. 

Required Qualifications

  • You must hold a Bachelor's Degree in Education or/and a Bachelor's degree in your subject. Sometimes a Master's degree in your subject area is preferred, and in such a case if you do not have the Master's degree, you will need to demonstrate Masters level expertise in your subject area. 
  • A valid teaching license in your home country is a must along with a minimum of 3 years' post certification teaching experience. 
  • Since the medium of teaching in Bermuda is only English, a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) course would add a lot of value to your cause.  

    Application for Teacher's Job

    Application forms for teaching posts in Bermuda Government-operated public schools can be obtained from the Bermuda Government's Ministry of Education website.  
    Contact Address (Ministry of education): 
    7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04, P. O. Box HM 1185, Hamilton HM EX, Bermuda. 
    Phone (441) 236-6904. Fax (441) 236-4006. 
    All questions related to government schools should also be directed to Ministry of Education. Phone (441) 236-6904, extension 3659 or 3660. 
    Expatriate teachers are initially given a one year contract in a public or private school in Bermuda. However, you should keep in mind that this contract may not always be renewed because a qualified Bermudian always gets higher preference in the local jobs. 
    Apart from holding a license from the BEC (Bermuda Educators Council), Government school teachers are also expected to become members of the Bermuda Union of Teachers (BUT). However, any qualified private school teacher can also become a member of BUT if they so wish. 
    Contacts Address (BUT): 
    Seventy Two Teachers' Place 
    72 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12. P. O. Box HM 726, Hamilton HM CX. 
    Phone (441) 292 6515. Fax (441) 292 0697. 
    Hours of operation: Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. 4:00 p.m. 
    If you are from the UK, note that unlike in your home country, there are no Teachers' Superannuation Pension Scheme, no Repayment of Teachers Loans (RTL) scheme and no special housing plans or preferred professional grants or finance packages for teachers as there are in the UK and various other countries. 
    However as mentioned earlier, all teachers of Bermuda are eligible to become members of the Bermuda Union of Teachers (BUT). This body is in a position to negotiate salaries, programmes of professional development and conditions of service, which are continually improved. These negotiations take place every 2 years. 
    Make your application by the end of February so as to be considered for the upcoming school year which begins in September. 
    Private Schools in Bermuda often hire qualified teachers through recruitment agencies who specialize in faculty placements. Check out Bermuda Recruitment Agencies to find out who are the specialist hiring agencies for teaching jobs and apply through them. 
    Go through Bermuda Teaching and Education Standards to know about the average quality of teaching in the island and the overall education standards. 

    What is the average teacher's salary in Bermuda?

    The salary structure of a teacher depends heavily on his/her years of teaching experience. For instance, a middle school teacher with more than eight years experience draws almost forty percent more in terms of remuneration when compared to one with less than three years experience. 
    A middle school teacher with 1-3 years of experience can earn an average salary of $46,000. While a senior middle school teacher with 8+ years of experience can earn an average salary of $66,000. 
    Certain schools also provide moving allowance upon arrival and departure, airfare at the beginning and end of each contract and also discount on tuition for their children. 

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