Bermuda Legal Jobs

There is often a wrong conception that Bermuda is under British governance or that British laws apply in Bermuda. In contrary, Bermuda is a fully self governing country and has its unique and well established laws and legal systems. Although it's based on the English Common Law, Bermuda laws are quite different from UK or any other European country. 
For example, expatriates even having lived many years in Bermuda, can not become citizens, and therefore have no voting rights. Only exception is if one marries a Bermudian and stays married for 10 years and then applies for a citizenship. There are plenty of legal jobs in Bermuda both for locals and expatriates. It is often said that Bermuda has the highest concentration of lawyers, barristers, attorneys and other legal staffs in the whole world. 
As the island is one of the biggest hubs of offshore International Business particularly in insurance and reinsurance sectors, there are large number of legal jobs available in Bermuda in these sectors as well as in law firms. In 2010, there has been more that 470 attorneys in Bermuda practicing in all areas of law including family, trusts and estate, corporate, commercial, criminal cases and prosecution. 
An expatriate will require qualification preferably in the British Commonwealth Jurisdiction along with few years of experience. A non-Bermudian can take up a job under a Bermudian firm only. For the first year, a non-Bermudian can work only as a registered associate, which means that he or she can not appear in court. 
However after one year of residence, an expat can apply to Bermuda Bar Association (BBA) for admission. Once the admission is granted, one can practice in the court while working in a Bermudian firm. 
As like any other job, Bermudian citizens are always given preference for legal jobs over the expatriates. However, there is plenty of demand and there are many non-Bermudians from various countries who are working in legal jobs in Bermuda. 
Most of the job opportunities come up with trust and fund lawyers, reinsurance litigation departments and corporate. Here are the commonly available legal jobs in Bermuda that are usually in demand, and accommodate expatriates in large numbers: 
Registered Associate who can work in a Bermudian law firm and need to be qualified by Bermuda Bar Association; 
Corporate Administrators who take care of various legal compliance in corporate or partnership firms (preferably need memberships in Chartered Institute of Secretaries and Administrators with relevant experience in corporate management); 
Employment Law Alliance employees who need to be specialized in labor law; 
Human Resources Administrators having recognized qualification and knowledge of Bermuda Immigration laws and hiring policies; 
Law librarians who should be having relevant qualification and experience in legal research and ideally be IT savvy as well; 
Legal executives who need to have the qualifications as required by Institute of Legal Executives to manage practice files; 
Trust Administrators who should be certified to manage offshore trusts and agencies; 
Conveyance Clerks requiring special skills on real estate transfers; 
Legal secretaries who should be well versed in MS Office (Word, Excel, Outlook, and Power Point), have good typing and Dictaphone skills, excellent command of English, know legal filings and other general office procedures. 

How to Apply for a legal job in Bermuda?

Employers in Bermuda advertise regularly in the local daily The Royal Gazette. You can scan the online publications of the newspaper or check the Bermuda Recruitment Agencies to find out who are the specialist hiring agencies for Bermuda employment and apply for a job. 

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