Bermuda Government Jobs

Government of Bermuda is the biggest employer in the island and offers jobs in both direct government organizations as well in other public sector units where it has major holdings. Over 10% of the jobs in Bermuda are Government jobs. So, do the expatriates or non-Bermudians willing to work in Bermuda have a good chance in getting government jobs. 
Yes. There are many expatriates who work in Bermuda civil services jobs. Like in private sector, a government job also requires a work permit. Government jobs in Bermuda for non-Bermudians are usually contract jobs for a fixed period. However like in case of any other jobs, the Bermudians are given the first preference. So if an eligible and qualified Bermudian is found for the job (through ads in local newspapers), he or she will always be given a preference over an expatriate. 
In fact, recently the government of Bermuda has started a Bermudianization program. As part of this, they are training up Bermudians so that they acquire skills and hold senior government positions in Bermuda. However, there are plenty of opportunities for expatriates as well. Usually the salaries in Government jobs are quite high. If you have a qualified bachelors or a higher degree, you can expect a salary starting from $75,000 onwards. 
Bermuda Government also takes care of the following for expats: 
  • Return air fare for candidate and family with up to two children 
  • Finds suitable accommodation. Usually a one bedroom apartment if you are single, otherwise a two/three bedroom apartment/condo. You are supposed to move to another accommodation of your choice within three months. 
  • House Rent above 25% of your salary is usually subsidized. 
  • Relocation cost including packing and shipping 
    Following are the different types of government job openings that are common in Bermuda: 
  • Ministry of Health/Bermuda Hospitals Board: Jobs include Nurse, Doctors, Therapists etc. Government owned  King Edward VII Memorial Hospital and the other hospitals often recruit qualified expatriates for the above jobs as there are often shortage in Bermudian skills. 
  • Bermuda Police Services: There are 460 police officers in Bermuda and many of them are from other countries, mainly from UK and even Canada. Despite a lot of campaigns to attract locals in the police force, there is often shortage of officers in Bermuda Police. Again like any other job, this will also be a contracted job for a fixed period if you are an expatriate. You can not come on a secondment. You will need to leave your present job in your home country and take up a contracted police officers job in Bermuda. You can email your application at [email protected] for a job in Bermuda Police Service. 
  • Ministry of Works and Engineering: There are jobs for architects, architectural technicians, engineers etc. 
  • Ministry of Finance: Often has vacancies in the areas of management accountants, financial controllers, and other accounting staff. 
  • Auditor General's Office: Often jobs like audit seniors and audit managers are available for suitably qualified accountants. 

    How to Apply for a job in Bermuda?

    If you directly want to apply for a Government job in Bermuda, you should first fill up an application form that you will get from the website (under Careers and Employment section). Many government jobs are also advertised in this website. 
    You should then send the application to the following address: Department of Personnel Services, 3rd Floor, Global House, 43 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12, Bermuda.  
    Teachers should submit applications by airmail to the Ministry of Education at 7 Point Finger Road, Paget DV 04, Bermuda
    Employers in Bermuda advertise regularly in the local daily The Royal Gazette. You can scan the online publications of the newspaper or check the Bermuda Recruitment Agencies to find out who are the specialist hiring agencies for Bermuda employment and apply for a job. 

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