Bermuda Accountants and Audit Jobs

Bermuda is a major hub for offshore financial centers and other International Business. There is a constant demand for qualified accountants and auditors in Bermuda. Due to lack of enough qualified people, there are many vacancies in Bermuda for accountancy jobs. 
There are lucrative jobs for both who are newly qualified accountants wanting a junior role as well as for those who are experienced and applying for senior positions. All the large financial and audit companies have their operations in Bermuda including the Big-4: KPMG, Deloitte, Price Water House Coopers, and Ernst and Young. They offer bulk of the jobs to the expatriates coming to Bermuda for accountant and audit related job roles. There are many other financial companies in Bermuda as well. 
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If you are a newly qualified accountant, you will need to have a well recognized accountancy or finance qualification like ACA, CA, ACCA, CPA, CGA etc. in order to be considered for the work permit by Bermuda's Department of Immigration. Without a work permit, a non-Bermudian can not work in Bermuda. 
You should also be able to speak fluent English as that is the official language used for all communication in Bermuda. You should preferably have few years of relevant working experience in a relatively recognized firm. 
The job roles can be the following: 

Audit Seniors

This is a role that requires usually two or more number of years of experience in a public accounting firm and having spent good amount of time in audit assignments. The clients of the hiring company can include Mutual Fund Houses, Hedge Fund Houses, Insurance or Re-Insurance companies. Most of these firms use accounting principles (GAAP) of US, UK or Canada, and therefore a knowledge around that will be a big advantage. In these roles, the contracts are usually for 2 years, and the recruitment takes place usually during specific time of the year. 

Secondment Role

Some of the large accounting firms provide resources to their clients in secondment. Which means that in such a role you have an opportunity to work in short assignments in many of the clients work environment. The clients can include Insurance, re-Insurance and the fund houses. Although prior experience is not mandatory in such cases, but strong accounting skills are required. 
After several secondment roles, you are likely to be allocated a permanent role accounting firm, although as a contract employee if you are an expat. There are many other opportunities available for the junior accounting staff in the areas of Fund Accounting, Trust Accounting, Internal Audit etc. There are also lots of job opportunities in Bermuda for experienced and qualified accountants. There are senior job roles offered for Audit Managers, Tax Managers, Internal Auditors, Financial Controllers (or CFOs), Financial Analysts and so on. 

How to Apply for a job in Bermuda?

Hiring companies in Bermuda advertise regularly in the local daily The Royal Gazette. You can scan the online version of the newspaper or check the Bermuda Recruitment Agencies to find out who are the specialist hiring agencies for Bermuda employment and apply for a job. 

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