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You won't find any international fast food chains like the McDonalds in Bermuda. Why? Because the 'Prohibited Restaurants Act' which came into effect in 1977, prevented any international fast food chain to be set up in the island. However there was one exception though. An outlet of KFC at Queen Street in Hamilton still exists. It was set up in 1970 prior to the act coming into force and hence this is the only one spared in the island. But does it mean there is no other fast food restaurant in Bermuda at all? Answer is... there are plenty, and all are run by the locals. And this was the whole idea behind prohibiting the international fast food chains from capturing the market. 
Most fast food eateries in Bermuda offer takeout food like sandwiches, wraps, salads etc, although some do have provisions for table services. And there are several mobile food trucks and vans in Bermuda that are extremely popular with local office goers and serve hot fast food including breakfast and lunch, some even remain open until late at night. 
Here are the best fast food places in Bermuda serving great food at affordable prices: 

Dorothy's Coffee Shop

This locals' favorite has won award for making best hamburgers in Bermuda (but no fries), and that's all they keep focussing on. And they are perhaps the cheapest in the island. There are few stools at the counter which are often full. You can get nice coffee here as well, and also shakes. Located off Front Street. 3 Chancery Lane, Hamilton. Open Monday through Friday, 7:15am to 4pm. Closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Hickory Stick

They are supposed to be serving the biggest sandwiches in the island which is often evident from the queue of office goers waiting for food. They also serve nice fish cakes, salads, wraps, Sushi etc. Essentially a takeout place although there are couple of tables laid out. Go down to Queen Elizabeth Park and enjoy your lunch. 
Clarendon House, 2 Church Street, Hamilton. Open Monday to Friday, 6:30am to 4pm. 
They have several outlets in Hamilton and other places. Serve sandwiches, salads (try out the macaroni salad), fruit salad, wraps, coffee etc. Most outlets are takeout places, some have table seating. Visit the link above for details. 


Similar to what you see in the US or UK offering a range of chicken items including chicken meals, combos, wings, burgers, twisters etc. They also offer kids meals, desserts (like apple turnover, cookies,...), beverages etc. 
21 Queen Street, Hamilton. Open daily from 11am to 10pm. 
Although they are famous for their mouthwatering fish sandwich in raisin buns, they also have several other nice items in the menu including fishcakes, ham and chicken burgers, grilled cheese, wings, nuggets, strips, toast etc. They have outlets in Hamilton (which is the original one) and also in St. George (the one at St. George has closed down). 

Mr. Chicken

Operational since 1985, This is a local chain of fast food outlets run by the Furbert family. While chicken dishes are their specialty (a range of selections including fries), they also have several other items in the menu including fish sandwiches, shrimp, Swiss and mushroom homemade burgers and even traditional Bermudian dishes such as Peas n' Rice, Sunday codfish breakfast etc. They are open for lunch and dinner in addition to traditional breakfast on Sundays. 
The main outlet is in Hamilton City (27 Queen street. Phone: 441-292-6109). Other locations are Heron Bay Plaza (Southampton), Watlington Road (Devonshire), 123 Mullet Bay Road (St. George's). They have opened a new outlet in Somerset (replacing Dean’s Bakery) in April 2019. 

Ice Queen

A takeout place which stays awake till late at night. Makes good chicken and beef burgers as well as veggie ones, chicken and fish nuggets, chicken wings, salads etc. You can also get ready dinners with chicken, shrimp, fish etc as well as sides like French fries, onion rings etc. They also serve hot and cold beverages as well as ice creams. 
Open 10am to 4am daily. Rural Hill Plaza, Paget. 

Pizza House

They have couple of outlets - one in Shelly bay in Hamilton Parish, and the other in St. David's. Other than making great Pizzas (with option for a range of toppings), the one at Shelly Bay also offers salads, wraps, hot dogs, burgers, steaks, meat lasagna etc. Wi-fi is available at both places. Both are open daily 11am to 10pm. 110 North Shore Road, Crawl, Hamilton Parish. The second one at 63 Southside Road, St. David's. 
While it serves great ice creams of different flavors (including rum and raisin, dark n stormy, and many more), it also serves sandwiches, hot dogs, soups, yogurts, sorbets etc. Outdoor seating is available. It's located in Bailey's Bay, Hamilton Parish, and across the street from Swizzle Inn Pub. 
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