Map of Bermuda's Famous Shipwrecks

The location of shipwrecks around Bermuda are shown in the map below. More location details are given below the map. Note that water visibility is lower in summer when the ocean swells are high and much better in winter. 
  • Constellation: 32.21'.663N 64.54'.793W. A very popular dive site at a depth of 30ft. Visibility 70 to 150ft. 
  • Montana: 32.21'.663N 64.54'.793W. Shallow depth, great visibility. Another popular site near Constellation. 
  • Lartington:32.21'.809N 64.54'.855W. Visibility is good (70 - 100ft). Navigation is easy. 
  • Xing Da: At a depth of more than 100ft. No longer suitable for dive as a storm had broken it apart. 
  • Caraquet: 32.27'.400N - 64.49'.550W. At a depth of 30 - 40 ft and spread over a large area. Nothing much left to see. 
  • Madiana: 32.27'.530N 64.48'.500W. Wreck lies at a depth of 30ft. Good visibility (75 to 100ft). 
  • Cristobal Colon: Wreck lies at a depth of 55 ft and scattered around an area of some 100,000 sq. ft. 
  • Taunton: 32.29'.550N 64.40'.510W. Average depth of 25ft. 
  • Iristo: 32.28'.41 N 64.39'.13 W. Almost the whole wreck is still intact. 
  • Pelinaion: 32.28'.41 N 64.39'.13 W. Lies at a varying depth of 30 to 70ft. 
  • Pollockshields: 32.16'.324N 64.46'.263W. Wreck lies off Elbow Beach. Depth of 15 to 40ft. 
  • Mary Celeste: 32.14'.487N 64.49'.918W. Visibility can be up to 100ft during winter. 
  • North Carolina: 32.15'.648N 64.57'.587W. Depth varies up to 45ft. 
  • Blanche King: 32.16'.278N 64.58'.552W. Depth 35ft. Visibility between 40 to 60ft. 
  • Darlington: 32.17'.246N 64.59'.089W. Average depth of 20ft and visibility up to 100ft. 
  • L'Herminie: 32.19'.131N 64.58'.539W. Visibility is 50 to 80ft. 
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