Bermuda Coral Reef
The Aquarium

The Aquarium coral reef in Bermuda is so named for the variety of fishes found here. Itís like swimming in an aquarium. Of course you need to be in full scuba gear. This is a popular reef dive site in Bermuda. The coral reefs here have formed beautiful arches under the water and you can swim through them.  
There are dramatic vertical walls rising steeply from the ocean bed and reaching almost to the surface of the water. You can find diverse variety of sea life at the Aquarium coral reef because of the nutrient rich waters traveling in and out of the nearby natural Castle Harbor
Huge Tarpon fishes can be often spotted at this site. These massive fishes, sometimes in excess of 7 feet, are likely to follow you wherever you go. This can be slightly scary, but to date I have not heard of anyone being injured by a Tarpon. Usually they are quite harmless and friendly. However they are generally quite inquisitive by their very nature and keep following you. 
The shallow hard pan area where a rock meets the coral reef has patches of sand. Lots of Tarpons, Cowries and Trumpet Tritons can be seen here. Lizard Fish and Razor Fish can also be seen in plenty. If you look closely under the ridges of the Aquarium, you can find spiny Lobsters, Spanish Slipper Lobsters and Glass-eyed Sweepers. 
A shallow reef drops like a mini wall to a long sand corridor at a depth of about 50 feet. This sand corridor separates the shallow reef from the boiler reef. These breakers reach from their base, to within inches of the water surface.  
For a special treat, keep your eyes towards the open ocean on south. You can often see Turtles and Eagle Rays heading towards the sand flats of Castle Harbor, especially during tide changes. 
The Aquarium reef is part of the reef system that includes reef sites like Cathedral. It's located at the eastern side of Bermuda and close to the opening of Castle Harbor. It takes about 10 minutes of boat ride from the Tuckers Point Hotel and†Spa located at the shores of the harbor. 
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