Bermuda Coral Reef
The South West Breaker

South West Breaker reef is the southern-most breaker reef in Bermuda. Not many are aware that Peter Benchley, the famous author had chosen South West Breaker reefs as one of the main locations for his novel "The Deep", which was later made into a movie. 
It was also the location for the book "The Beast". The reefs provided the hideout for the giant man-eater squid. South West Breaker is not actually a coral formation or even a rock formation, but is made of pre historic fossils of worms. 
The structure is incredibly strong and can easily withstand the strong winter storms that frequently batter the area. The splashing and foaming water about a half-mile from Pompano Cut makes South West Breaker reef in Bermuda easy to find. Except during high tide, South West Breaker is always visible from quite a long distance.  
With an average depth of only 28feet and typical visibility in excess of 100feet, South West Breaker provides an excellent shallow dive for both novice and experienced divers. The shallow depth and the variety of fishes make it a great place for snorkeling as well. 
The site has actually three reefs, two of them not so big and do not quite break the surface. The main one is a huge reef, reaching from 30 feet depth to above surface level.  
Vertical wall like structures and overhangs provide ideal shelter for an amazingly diverse selection of fish. Schools of Snappers, Grunts and Hog Fish are found all around the breaker. A tunnel through the center of the breaker provides ample cover for Green Moray Eels and Spiny Lobsters.  
This tunnel also acts as a hiding place for the Glass-eyed sweepers. During the summer months the tunnel is filled with millions of Silversides. Often giant Groupers can also be seen in the tunnel. 
Schools of Barracuda often are seen close to the breaker. Their habit of following divers will get your pulse racing. Donít worry, they wonít harm you if you donít bother them. South West Breaker reef in Bermuda is home to gigantic Sea fans and is an excellent place to find Cowries and Trumpet Tritons. 
If you look around in the pink sandy areas, you can find Leopard Flat worms and purple crested Sea Goddess's. Keep your eyes open for passing Eagle Rays and Turtles heading towards the feeding grounds at nearby Pompano Sand Flats. 
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