Bermuda Wedding Cake

The wedding cake plays a unique passionate role in a traditional Bermuda marriage. Both bride and groom are treated to wedding cakes in a Bermuda island marriage. The groom will usually take a pound cake covered in gold leaf symbolizing wealth and prosperity. It is also customary to place a symbol showing groom's favorite activities on top of the cake. For the bride, there will be a fruit cake wrapped in silver leaf, symbolizing purity. 
Traditional Bermuda wedding cake is quite simple, but a small tree is used as a topping for the cake. The small tree is nothing but a small cedar sapling. It symbolizes the couple's growing love and flourishing relationship with time. 
After the marriage, the Bermudian couple will usually replant the tree in their garden. It is replanted so that they can see it grow all through their lives. The tree in a way becomes a witness and symbol of their marriage. So if you are a non-resident of Bermuda and planning to come to this island to get married to your fiancÚ, Bermuda wedding cakes can certainly add to that touching and perfect experience.  
To beautify the cake, edible fruits, chocolates, nuts, edible roses, lavender or oregano are also added as designs around the cake. 

Wedding Cake Makers

Below are some of the companies that are well known for making wedding cakes in Bermuda: 
1) Cake Boutique Celebration 
They make traditional wedding cakes and design it the way you want. 
Address: P.O. Box SN599, Southampton, SN BX, Bermuda 
Phone: 441-304-8181; Email: [email protected] 
2) Sweet Saak Bakery 
16 York Street, St. Georges, Bermuda 
Tel: 441-297-0663; Email: [email protected] 
3) Crow Lane Express (a retail outlet of Crow Lane Bakery) 
Washington Mall, 35 Church Street, City of Hamilton 
Phone: 441-296-8498; Email: [email protected] 

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