How to lay or plant
Bermuda grass sod

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Here are the recommended steps of how to lay Bermuda sod. 

Step 1

Ensure that you have cleaned up all the weeds by applying non-selective weed killer. This needs to be done at least two weeks before you start laying Bermuda Sod. Store sod stacked in a cool, dark place until ready to lay. 

Step 2

You will need to get a soil test done to know the recommended amount of fertilizer that needs to be applied into the soil. Your local Cooperative Extension Service can do the soil testing at a small cost. 
A fertilizer of grade 5-10-15 means that it has 5% Nitrogen, 10% Phosphate and 15% Potash as nutrients. Based on the soil test, if it is determined that the recommended nutrient for your soil is 3 lb. of Nitrogen per 1000 square feet, you will need to do a simple math to calculate the fertilizer amount required. For the above grade of fertilizer, divide 3 lb. by 5 (which is the %age of Nitrogen) and multiply by 100 to get the required amount of fertilizer per 1000 square feet, which is (3/5)x100 = 60 lbs. 
Once you know the amount for the whole area, mix the recommended amount of fertilizer, lime and organic matter thoroughly with the soil. You will need to till the soil up to 6 inches for this. 

Step 3

Rake the soil smooth for the whole area. Ensure that the soil is at least 1 inch below the level of sidewalks or sprinkler heads. Remove stones and grassy debris.  

Step 4

Roll the area with a water-filled roller. If you see low spots, fill them with soil.  

Step 5

Rake the soil smooth. Apply 1/4 to 1/2 inch of water the night before laying sod. The soil should be moist when you start laying it, but not muddy.  

Step 6

Start laying the sod pieces end-to-end starting along the longest straight edge of the area. Make sure that each Bermuda sod piece is tightly placed next to each other. Stagger the sod pieces in adjacent rows so that the seams do not line up. Cut uneven or irregular end pieces with a carpet knife. Use a small hatchet to trim pieces to fit around obstructions. 

Step 7

Roll the entire area once more to ensure good sod-to-soil contact. Water the grass thoroughly everyday for the first week. Keep the lawn well watered after the first week and follow a regular watering schedule. Water deeply each time for healthy root growth. 
Here is a recommended method for watering new Bermuda Sod: 
1. Apply one inch of water immediately after the sod is laid. 
2. Water the sod daily and ensure that the top one inch of soil is kept moist. This needs to continue until the sod is rooted to the soil 
3. After that, apply one-fourth inch of water every third day for nine days. 
4. Next apply one-half inch of water every fifth day for ten days. 
5. After the sod is established, apply one inch of water per week for the rest of the growing season. 
6. You should also consider rainfall before deciding how much of water to apply. 

How to buy Bermuda Grass Sods or Seeds?

You can visit a local landscaping store dealing with lawn products to purchase the sods, however, you may not always get the specific type and brand you might be looking for. If you are located in the USA, suggest you go through this Amazon's Store of Bermuda Grass to see the list of Bermuda Grass products available including sods & seeds as well as accessories for maintenance, check out user reviews and buy online. 
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