Bermuda Grand Prix
Bicycle Competition

Bermuda Grand Prix is an international cycle racing competition usually held over 3 days. In the earlier years (even in 2009) the competition used to take place over 2 days. The event is organized by the Bermuda Bicycle Association which was established in 1974 and for the past several years sponsored by Butterfield Group in Bermuda. 
Each stage of the race is held on different day and usually in different location of the island. There are several categories for each stage like Men, Women and Juniors, and there are sub-categories. Prizes are given away for each stage. However one has to complete all stages in all order to qualify for any prize. There are registration fees for participants. 
The STAGE-1 is about Time Trials and hill climb. The races usually take place in the following order - Juniors 12 and under, followed by Juniors 13 - 16, then Female category, and then followed by two categories for men (Male-B and Male-A). 
The STAGE-2 is about distance covered. Long, medium an short courses are selected for Male, Female and Junior categories respectively. The male category distance is usually kept between 50 to 60kms over several laps. 
The STAGE-3 is usually about combination of time and distance (lap). 


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Postal Address: PO Box DV 192, Devonshire DV BX, Bermuda 

2018 Bermuda Grand Prix Schedule

Friday April 20 - Sunday April 22, 2018 
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