Crime in Bermuda

Bermuda has been traditionally a safe and relatively crime free place particularly for the tourists. Visitors seldom face any serious crime related problems. Having said that, once figures published by Royal Gazette, the premier daily news paper of Bermuda, showed that per capita murder rate in Bermuda is higher than that of New York city or London. 
Surprised? But, there is a huge caveat here. In a tiny country like Bermuda with such small population of about 65,000, an increase of criminal activities by even one incidence can badly distort the percentage figures. Secondly all these reports are mostly related to local gang violence that are not visible to the tourists. In my view, a tiny island like Bermuda should not be compared with giant cities like New York and London. Below are some real figures for you. 
As you can see in the crime statistical chart below published by Bermuda Police Service, the over all crime rate in the island has been decreasing for the past 9 quarters in a row (data available up to Q3 2014, I.e. July - Sep, 2014). 
Bermuda Crime Statistics, up to Q3 2014 
Bermuda Crime 
Source: Bermuda Police Service 
However compared to the previous quarter (Q2 2014), the overall crime rate has gone up by about 13% in Q3 2014. This is mainly on account of crime against persons (includes murders, robbery etc) and crime against properties (burglary etc). These are mostly out of internal gang violence &ádisputes, and tourists are grossly unaffected by these. The number of total burglary on tourist accommodations was 3 in Q3 2014 while it was zero in the previous quarter. Over the past five years, the trend shows a decrease in all categories which is a good sign. 
Here is a safety advice for women issued by Bermuda Police: áSafety Advice for Women 
NOTE: While total cases of theft in Q3 2014 was 159 (same number in previous quarter), in order to know about such incidents that affected tourists and how they happened (cases like stealing unattended bags from a beach or snatching purses from scooter riders etc), visit Theft &áRobberies on Tourists
Here are the numbers for contacting Bermuda police and reporting any crime related activities in the island: 
Bermuda Police Service: 295-0011, 247-1185 
Crime Stoppers Hotline: 800-8477 
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Visitors' Reviews &áComments 
Karen Hawkins (November 2015) 
Hi Raj--- I want to visit, first time, Bermuda in March 2016 and wonder if single women should take extra cautions (if walking through Parks alone or on less crowded beaches since it's not "peak" season? 
Raj ( November 2015 
Hi, Bermuda is quite safe and there has hardly been any incidents reported on tourists. Having said that, as a single woman, try to avoid lonely and secluded places. Beaches and parks are usually quite safe, but few have the problems of homeless occupying some parts of them and you won't be comfortable walking by alone. Another thing you should be careful about is theft. So don't keep your valuables unattended on a beach or carry them in your purse which is easily snatchable. Also avoid the back town of Hamilton, particularly after dark. 
Kara (June 2012) 
Hello! First of all I would love to say that you have one of the most informative travel websites ever! I enjoyed reading all your information on your country and I plan on traveling to Bermuda in August of this year. I am planning to just travel with me and my mom (I am 17 years old). I am prepared to respect the dress code of the island, but reading about the sexual assaults and robberies/murders scares me! I understand that the 
crime in my State is probably much worse than what you receive in Bermuda, but I am just concerned that since it is a small island I may accidentally run into something! I'm probably just over thinking, but I just want to be prepared! Are there any parts of Bermuda you would consider "unsafe" or just places a young girl like me should avoid? 
Raj ( June 2012 
Hi Kara, Bermuda is still a very safe place for the tourists. Yes, gang violence do take place in the island, but that hardly impacts the visitors and in fact are not visible to them in most situations. Over all the crime activities in Bermuda has been in the decline although incidents of Burglaries and cases of snatching remains a concern. In most such cases the victims are the locals although there are cases where tourists have also been the victims of snatching &áburglary. This is unfortunately the reality in every place of the world and Bermuda is no exception. But don't worry. For a young woman like yourself, I would personally suggest that you follow certain simple guidelines: 
1. Do not wander about alone late at night or in secluded places, 
2. Try to avoid the 'back town' of Hamilton City, 
3. Read the Police safety guidelines for women and prepare yourself accordingly. 
You should be fine :) 
Go ahead and pursue your trip to Bermuda. You will love the island!