Quiet beaches in Bermuda becoming noisy?


Jan 27, 2010

All the residents around the Warwick Long Bay beach are absolutely furious. why? Because there is a scheme approved by the Environment Minister that a private restaurant with a cocktail sandbar will be set up here shortly. 
The residents and the locals are voicing that this one of the rare beaches that has remained natural and quiet, and people get refreshed coming to the beach. Families living near by have come together and have been collecting names on a petition that have prepared. There are huge number of signatures that have been collected on the petition from locals as well as visitors. This is in protest against the move to set up the bar and restaurant at the beach. 
The residents have submitted the petition to Bermuda's Premier saying that this beach is one of the rare unspoiled beaches in the island and local families as well as the visitors want to come here and enjoy the way it is with its natural views. 
Presently there is a hearing pending in the court to get a final judgement on the matter.  A major contention from the residents is that why the Environ Minister did not appoint a Survey Inspector to understand the situation and instead straightaway given go ahead for the project. 
The private owner of the proposed restaurant however has played down the matter saying that its going to be a small casual restaurant to only enhance the experience of all and will be only a tiny speck in the sand. 

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