BIFF 2010 Awards


Mar 27, 2010

Argentina and the US films won the Bermuda International Film Festival awards in 2010.  'Music On Hold', an Argentinean comedy directed by Hernan Goldfrid won the award for the best feature film. 'Girls On the Wall', an American documentary directed by Heather Ross, won the best documentary award in BIFF 2010. 
There is a joint winner in the best short film category. The award has been shared by 'Dive' as best documentary short and 'Because there are things you will never forget', as the best narrative short. The winning documentary is about teenage prison inmates who are trying to give themselves one more chance in life, by writing and staging a musical based on their own lives. 
Senior editor of Movieline and a judge in the BIFF 2010, Stu VanAirsdale said: "It is a moving, unaffected portrait of young women under duress, struggling to reclaim their futures through the power of art. Not all will succeed, and that honestly, along with the promise of potential, makes for both gripping drama and outstanding nonfiction." 
Here is what Tim Hodgson, News Editor of Mid-Ocean and a Judge of the Biff 2010 said about the best feature film: "What can you expect when a boy with writers' block meets a girl who's nine months pregnant? This is an engaging, beautifully crafted romantic comedy. It's a modern spin on a screwball comedy."  
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