Morgan's Point Bermuda

Located in Southampton Parish, Morgan's Point in Bermuda is a peninsula jutting into the Great Sound water area. There used to be two islands here that were known as Brothers Islands. They were subsequently renamed by their new owners as Tucker's Island and Morgan's Island in 19th century. The US Navy subsequently joined the two islands and then connected it to the mainland at the Kings Point to create the present peninsula. 
This new peninsular area was then renamed to Morgan's Point. During the World War II, the US Navy built a Naval Air Station (NAS) Annex here. It's a 260 acres flat land joined by a causeway to the mainland at the King's Point. The US Military operated here for over 50 years, and thousands of US Military personnel were posted here with families. 
There is a cave called the Bassett Cave underneath Morgan's Point that faces the Great Sound. William Zuill in his 1946 book 'Bermuda Journey' has mentioned that this is probably the largest cave in Bermuda extending for over a mile. 
There are many roads and buildings in Morgan's Point featuring the early Bermudian architecture and style. Sound View on Enterprise Road belongs to the oldest part of the Grade-I listed houses and dates from the early 18th century. Four Grade II buildings on Lexington Road served as married officers' residence and were built in 1943 at the personal instruction of US president Franklin D. Roosevelt. Glebe Cottage is Grade III listed and has an 18th century chimney. 
Road Map, Morgan's Point 
Morgan's point is the largest piece of unutilized land area in Bermuda available for developing luxury resorts. The area has a spectacular view of the Great Sound and a huge stretch of waterfront area (of 5300 meters). However, there had been some challenges to take up redevelopment work. It has remained closed to visitors and locals since 1995 when the US military left. 
The military base at the Morgan's Point used the cave and the other adjacent areas as the dumping ground and created enormous amount of garbage and pollution. 
The leakage of used oils from the storage tanks plus the tons of hazardous materials left behind by the military have created such a mess that the cleaning up operation itself was estimated to cost around $60M to make the place environmentally safe. 
UPDATE December 2014: Morgan's Point is on its way to set up a luxury resort, a yacht club and a golf course... a super luxury facility which is likely to even overshadow the Atlantis of Bahamas. The high end hotel group Ritz Carlton Reserve will operate the top end resorts here. In the first phase a boutique hotel will be built and later a larger resort. 
UPDATE January 2016: Remediation and†cleaning work at Morgan's Point has been completed and the site is now ready for development of luxury resort complex. 
UPDATE June 2016: The formal ground breaking of Caroline Bay Resort (a Ritz Carlton Hotel) took place on June 17, 2016. The Premier Dunkley said that during the first phase which is scheduled for completion by end of 2018, several developments are expected. And that includes building with 35 condo residence, new marina with capacity of 77 berths + provisions for 21 mega yachts, a 5-star boutique resort etc. 
Here are a few pictures of Morgan's Point (taken in the year 2000 by Jane and†Sonny Voepel). Sonny was stationed at the Morgan's Point base in early 1950's (refer to 'Visitors Comments/Reviews' below) 
Morganís Point Bermuda 
Morganís Point Bermuda 
Morganís Point Bermuda 

Emergence of Caroline Bay

Morgan's Point has been renamed as Caroline Bay. Why? Because, this is now being developed as an ultra luxury water-front destination that will have Ritz-Carlton Reserve Residences, ultra luxury hotel with restaurants, world-class spa, high-end retail, conference center, kids club, a marina of its own, and so on, and the name Caroline Bay is considered to perfectly fit into this luxury theme. Nobody wants to remember its past, because that had nothing to do with luxury... so, this is probably where the saga of original Morgan's Point ends. 
Go through Caroline Bay Waterfront Destination to know about one of the largest developments in the history of Bermuda, and how the old Morgan's Point is being transformed into an ultra luxury community.  

How to reach Morgan's Point

Take Bus #7 or 8 to Southampton. From the nearest bust stop on Middle road walk along George's Bay Road for about 15 minutes to reach the entrance of Morgan's Point. However, visitors are not allowed entry these days. 
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Visitors' Comments/Reviews

Paul Rondeau (September 2017) 
I was there from may of 1958 to may 1961 as a seabee working in the heavy equipment garage right †of the pier. It was a great experience as part of my growing up. Every morning I was at the launching of the p5m antisub planes going out on the search. It was the cold war time. I'm going back this coming week via Norwegian cruise lines. I have a picture of the base from the air circa late 50's. 
Vernon W. Rush (May 2017) 
My father, Vernon W. Rush Sr. Was stationed there from 1955 to 1960. He was a crew chef on the sea masters. I went to school at mount St. Agnes because I was needing guidance as they told me. †It was the best years of my youth. I got to visit this spring in April when my boys gave me a surprise trip. We actually got to visit the old base site which has been leveled but, thanks to a wonderful man from the Entech Corp., I got to see where our old house was, the marine barracks, the old officers club and the water catch tanks. Where i use to swim and spear fish, there is now the start of a new marina. My father would laugh that where our humble block duplex use to be is now the site for million dollar plus condos. † 
Now that I have made it back, I will definitely go again. 
Kenneth Thompson (January 2015) 
Good morning, Cruising in July this summer. Flew out of the base many years back in its heyday. I don't know what is left there to see if anything. I would even go out there just to see a sign if one there. We will be at the dockyards. What bus # would I take to visit the area? Glad to find your website maps finally! Try to find one of my old bus maps. 
If not can one be bought through you for a fee? We are a group of 8 and I'm trying to talk everybody into taking the route #7 route to see the beautiful beaches . Then I think it's the #8 Bach through the Parish's beautiful greenery. Thanks for any help you can provide 
Raj ( January 2015 
Hi, you will get free Handy Reference Maps of Bermuda at the Visitors Information Centers located in dockyard. You can also order for the maps and brochures through Bermuda Tourism Department's site (free).  
Here is the link: 
Yes you are right, bus #7 goes along the south shore beaches and #8 through the parishes. From the dockyard you can take bus #7 or 8 †for Morgan's Point (former US Navy Annex), get off at the bus stop on Middle road in Southampton nearest to the NAS, and then walk for about 15 minutes. 
Evelyn Wagoner (February 2014) 
My dad (a 32-year Navy veteran) was stationed at the Annex from 1962-65. We lived on base and I attended first a local school (Sandys Grammar School) and then the school at Kindley AFB. Sadly, we have very few photos of our life at the Annex, though it was the most wonderful place we were ever stationed. 
My husband is planning a trip to Bermuda this year for me, as I've wanted to go back ever since we left (when I was a little girl). No place has had more of an influence on me. I would love to see photos of the base. I understand a lot of demo is going on now, so I'm saddened to think that it would be unrecognizable (except for our little beach) even if we were allowed access. 
Linda Zamoic Hayes (October 2013) 
I lived on this base 1959-1962 when my dad was a Marine. My husband and I rented a Boston Whaler from Robinson's in Somerset, and were able to get close enough to see the house where my family lived - couldn't believe it was still there over 40 years later. I attended a Bermudian school - Gilbert Institute, and I still go back to Bermuda every year. I would give anything to be able to live there again, now that I'm retired. So I keep buying those lottery tickets! 
Jane and Sonny Voepel (January 2012) 
I was searching for information regarding Morgan's Point where my husband was stationed with the Seabees in the early 50's. I wanted to see where he had been stationed and my wedding had been purchased at the base. In May of 2000 we took the cruise and on the 3rd attempt of asking where the base was we got there! A gentleman on duty took us in the big truck over the base. We saw so much and took video of it, perhaps a few still shots also. It was great and can give you details at another time. Willing to share any pictures I have with you as I know how important things like this is.  
We also had the golden opportunity of talking with a local carpenter who was taking a break. He had his shop just across the gate from the entrance! He said back in 1939 when they built the base, his daddy helped on the project, his mother cooked for the guys and he ran a taxi taking the guys into Hamilton. 
He knew of the bar in Hamilton ( will look up the streets down the hill from the big church on the hill) where my husband went and made friends with the two brothers who also would take a few of the guys out fishing! We had the best time seeing Bermuda but especially this base and our conversation. Willing to share. 
Would also like any information from you about the base. It would be great if you could actually see it as we did. That exact day the guys had the newspaper and in big headlines was the controversy over the big dump! They said perhaps a big resort would go in, sounds like it is happening! 
Renee (September 2011) 
With regards to the remnants of the Navy annex base, is it possible to access Morgan's Point? For thousands of us who were stationed in Bermuda, those abandoned buildings were home. †I will be in Bermuda at the end of this month (first time in 30 years) for the express purpose of preserving what is left of our bases, on film. I am not a professional photographer, the film and photos are to be posted on our Facebook page. Would it be possible to get into Morgan's Point? It is the best preserved of what's left of our facilities. 
Raj ( September 2011 
There is a major cleaning work going on in Morgan's point. I doubt if they will let you access the area now. There is a 1.8 billion dollar resort project coming up there once the clean-up is completed. You can call up the Bermuda Tourism Department and check out if they allow access to visitors (toll free no. 1-800-BERMUDA). Regards. 
Janet Shoemaker (September 2011) 
In response to Renee wanting pictures of the old base... My husband was stationed at "Morgan's point" naval base back in 1960-62. When we were visiting Bermuda in 1998 and again in 2003, we lucked out and actually got to go into the base both times. 
During our last visit in 2003 a super nice guy that worked for the Bermuda land development went in with us and showed us around ..we took pictures both times. In 2003 it had received a lot of damage from Hurricane Fabian...would like to share the pictures on facebook...hopefully Renee will see this posting and get back to me....Jan 
Charles R Deal (March 2018) 
Hi Janet Shoemaker. I was in Bermuda from 59 to 61 or 62. My father was stationed there in the navy. I would be very interested in any photos you have. I lived at the bottom of hill after main gate. The first left where the school buses lined up in the morning. I'm on Facebook. Charlie Deal from Northkingstown Rhode Island. Thers a few Charlie Deals on FB. I'm the one kneeling down with a dead deer. †THANK YOU