Senior citizens of Bermuda
Promoting tourism


June 4, 2010

Recently a Senior Ambassador program has been launched in Bermuda by the tourism ministry. Senior citizens of Bermuda are now taking active part in promoting tourism in Bermuda and helping the visitors appreciate the unique offerings of the island. 
So far, 11 seniors have joined the program and they are providing tourism assistance to the visitors. The senior citizens are meeting up the tourists who are travelling to Kings Wharf Dockyard, Hamilton City or St. George. They are mostly meeting the visitors in the government ferries and also at public places. Their agenda is to help the tourist with any information that they need and also to let them know about the best of attractions and sights in Bermuda. 
So if you see a Senior Citizen (usually wearing a green full sleeve shirt) approaching you, you know that you have a helping hand. 
Three years ago, Bermuda tourism ministry had launched a similar program for the students of Tourism and Hospitality. The program is known as the Pop and Sizzle Ambassadors of Bermuda. As part of this program curriculum, the students promote the island, its culture, and background for 10 weeks. 
Dr. Brown, present Premier of Bermuda and Minister of Tourism explained that ""As a Pop and Sizzle Ambassador, a student's primary goal is to ensure that visitors are having an enjoyable experience in Bermuda and provide them with any information requested on transportation, Bermuda's attractions, restaurants and offer any assistance required. 
The 2010 Senior and Pop and Sizzle Ambassador Program is a true testament of two generations of tourism ambassadors working together to ensure that visitors travelling to the Island have a unique and enjoyable experience while in Bermuda."  
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