Alex Scott - Bermuda Premier
July 29, 2003 - Oct 30, 2006
Progressive Labor Party

William Alexander "Alex" Scott was appointed as the cabinet minister for Engineering and Works in 1998 when his party got an unprecedented victory under the leadership of Jennifer Smith. 
During this time, one of the unforgettable events was the construction of a large campus for Berkley Institute which went through major contract irregularities, delays and cost overrun. 
Alex Scott Bermuda 
He became the Premier in 2003 and hours after the second term victory of his party. This is when Jennifer Smith had to resign due to internal split in confidence in her leadership. Alex Scott was known to his supporters as generous in spreading wealth to Bermudians, while his critics said that his administration was racially biased and lacked accountability. 
One of his most unwelcome moves was to initiate total independence of Bermuda from Great Britain. In 2006, the then Deputy Premier Dr. Ewart Brown challenged his leadership ability and overthrown him by initiating an internal vote of confidence. The result made it clear that Alex Scott had failed to unite the party members. 
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