Dr. Ewart Brown - Bermuda Premier
Oct 30, 2006 - Oct 29, 2010

Ewart Frederick Brown, Jr. was born in 1946. His mother was a member of parliament from United Bermuda Party. In his early life Brown went to schools in Pembroke Bermuda and later in Berkley Institute. He was then sent to live with his aunt in Jamaica where he excelled in athletics. He went on to represent Bermuda in the Commonwealth Games in 1966 for 400 yard sprint where he qualified to the second round. 
Brown graduated from Howard University of Washington D.C. with a bachelor's degree in chemistry and lettering in football and tracks. He later earned a doctorate from Howard's College of Medicine. On persuasion from the then PLP leader, Brown returned to Bermuda and got involved in the local politics in 1993. In 1998, Brown was appointed as the Minister of transport. 
In 2006, Brown was elected as the leader of his party PLP by defeating Alex Scott in a party delegate conference and became the Premier of Bermuda. Dr. Ewart Brown was also the Tourism and Transport minister and the medical director of Bermuda Healthcare Services. He led the party to the second term victory in 2007. 
Dr. Ewart Brown 
Dr. Ewart Brown Bermuda 
He is married to Wanda Henton Brown and has four sons. 

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