Admiral's Cave Bermuda

Located in Hamilton Parish, Admiral's Cave is one of the largest dry caves in Bermuda. The cave has one large sink hole entrance and two other smaller entrances. There are several lakes inside which are connected to the sea through underground passages. Admiral's Cave is full of mineral formations, i.e., stalagmites that grow from the floor and stalactites that hang from the ceiling. 
It is heard that the British Admiral Sir David Milne posted in Bermuda in 1800s had used his troops to send lots of these formations back home as souvenirs. In fact he sent home a stalagmite formation in 1819 that was some 3 meters high. Since then the cave is known as the Admiral's Cave. 
After about 44 years, the Admiral's son visited the cave. From a tiny limestone formation that he found in the cave, he derived that the 3-meter formation which his father took back to England would have taken some 600,000 years to have grown to such a size. 
Admiral's cave once had the only dog-tooth spar crystals in Bermuda. Although some attempts were made in 1800s to make it a show cave, since long this cave has been abandoned by Bermuda's Tourism Department. So you won't find any guided tour here, although you can explore the cave at your own risk. Carry a torch light with you if you plan to do so. 
Admiral's Cave has been a victim of vandalism in recent times. Much of the impressive formations that used to adorn the cave once are mostly gone now. But there is still a lot to explore. The entrance and the western part of the underground cave belong to the property of Wilkinson's Estate and the remaining underground part belongs to Grotto Bay Properties Limited. 


Admiral's Cave is located in Hamilton Parish and in between the Blue Hole Hill and Ferry Reach. The main entrance to the cave is about 70 yards from the nearest public road at Blue Hole Hill. You will find the cave at the edge of a quarry called Wilkinson Quarry. There is no admission fee. 
Bus Routes: #1, 3, 10, 11 (operating between Hamilton and St George). 

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