Bermuda Grass Weeds & Types

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Weeds are the undesirable plants that grow with grass. The weed seeds are carried usually by wind or even by birds, and generally remain dormant till they get favorable condition to germinate. These weeds can be very harmful for Bermuda grasses and therefore must be controlled or killed. 
Weeds are broadly classified into two main groups: Common broadleaf weeds and Common grass type weeds. Here are some details about the two grass weed types. 
Common Broadleaf Weeds can be easily identified in a lawn by their physical appearance. They donít look like grass and have wide leaves. Example of such weeds include: Purslane, goosefoot, pigweed, puncture vine, London rocket, bur clover, cheese weed, tumbleweed, silver nightshade, prostrate spurges etc. 
Example of Broadleaf Weeds 
Here the important point to note is that Broadleaf reacts to herbicides quite differently than grassy weeds. Broadleaf weed killers are applied generally in February, whereas lawn or grassy weed killers are usually applied in June. 
Common Grass Type Weeds have thin leaves like the grasses and are also known as grassy weeds. Because of their grass like appearance, they are a bit difficult to differentiate from the desired lawn grass. Example of such weed include: crabgrass,†nutgrass, annual bluegrass, orchardgrass, common foxtail etc. 
These types of weeds are very difficult to control once they have germinated and canít be separated easily from the desired grass lawn. 
Matured Crabgrass 
Common Bermuda Grass 
As you can see in the above pictures, if mature crabgrass starts growing as weeds within common Bermuda grass, it would be difficult to easily differentiate the two. However, Bermuda grass leaves are finer and darker green in color. Also, crabgrass seed heads are a little thicker. 
These broadleaf and grassy weeds can be annuals or perennials. The annual weeds grow from seeds, then bloom into flowers and die within one year. But the perennial weeds can live for many years. 
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