Frauds & Swindlers in Bermuda

Below is an experience shared by a visitor who took my advice to get around the island and visited a few attractions. Quite shockingly they came across a potential swindler who was posing as a tourist guide and trying to get money by act of deception. 
I have published her experience here for making other visitors aware of such possibilities. Here it is...
We have returned from Bermuda and once again, it was wonderful. Your advice was right on the money. One caution I would like to add, though, for others is that this year we were approached by a scammer on Bermuda. 
He was on our ferry from Dockyard to St. George. He appeared to be a tour guide who was willing to help us get the most out of our time on his island. The tip off should have been his frequent use of the phrase "I'll scratch your back if you scratch mine."  
He said he had a website he was promoting, he pointed out island "bargains"... once I showed interest in his help, he stuck to us like glue. When we got of the ferry, he asked if we needed any help getting to the bus stop and I foolishly told him we were looking for the bus to Swizzle inn. 
He showed us a stop that had almost no one there.  I thanked him and didn't know that my cousin tipped him... as did her father. Then while we left the older members of our party at the restaurant, we headed to the caves around the corner.  
My cousin forgot something, so she went back to Swizzle Inn. To her surprise, there was the scammer, approaching her elderly parents! He said he was missing his wallet and he knew we would be there so he stopped by to see if "we" found it!! My cousin said no, my brother in law offered to help him out by giving him $20, but his wife suspected a scam and said no, they didn't have it. 
Then he ran down the street and jumped in a waiting car. Later, when my husband and cousin and I finished the caves, we went to Swizzle Inn. We thought about going to St. George's, but we decided against it because that's where we crossed paths with that guy, so we took the bus back to Hamilton, then the Ferry back to dockyard. 
To our surprise, he was on this ferry too, giving the same line to these tourists about his website and that he lost his wallet that day and for all of us to look for it. He spotted us and asked if anyone on the ferry had been to the caves or Swizzle Inn earlier... but we ignored him. 
Not sure if we should have reported him or not. One of his angles was to tell us that he could find us whole houses to rent in Bermuda for $35/night and in return he would send Bermuda residents to our homes in the states who would pay us to stay in our home. 
I know that there are reputable home swap sites, but after having this guy follow us around the island, I'm inclined to think his business isn't legitimate. 
At any rate, thank YOU for all of your help. 
Happy travels! 
Rose Weed 

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