Map of Devonshire Bermuda

Devonshire parish is centrally located between Pembroke and Smith's parishes of Bermuda. One end of Devonshire stretches along the North Shore, while the other end extends to the South Shore. Devonshire is one of the less busy areas of Bermuda and has a relaxed countryside and landscapes. 
Below you will see an interactive map of Devonshire parish. The parish boundary is bordered and the area shaded in the map. As you move the map around and zoom in on specific areas, you will see great level of details. 
You can find places like the Devonshire Bay, Old Devonshire Church and many other attractions and places of interest as well as the streets leading to them. 
You can zoom this map and move it left or right using the navigational buttons. For example, use the '+' to zoom in and see more details including street names etc. and use the '-' to zoom out. 
Road Map 
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