Bermuda National Equestrian Center

Devonshire parish in Bermuda has a great equestrian background. With its lush landscapes, wooded hills and pathways, this is probably the best place for horseback riding in Bermuda compared to the other overdeveloped areas. 
Bermuda National Equestrian Center, earlier known as the Vesey Street Racetrack is located at Devonshire. The center has an oval shaped horse racing track. Harness racing where horses pull two-wheeled carts, is a very popular event here. It is normally held between September to May and is advertised through the hotels and tourism centers. 
There are other competitions also held at the center including Show Jumping and Harness Pony Racing. Note that as part of Harness Pony Racing season competitions, a racing event is usually held here on the Remembrance Day (November 11) every year. There is also an annual International Dressage Competition held here. Shows and competitions generally take place in the evenings under lights or on Sunday afternoons. Facilities at the Center includes show ring, stands, a canteen and parking. 

Address and Contacts

48 Vesey Street. The center is located 1.5 miles into the Vesey Steer off Middle Road. 
Phone: 441/291-7223 or 441/505-0903. 
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