Search of Marine Sulphur Queen
From a Crew Member

In February 1963, SS Marine Sulphur Queen, a huge 524-foot tanker carrying molten sulphur and 39 crew members on board, disappeared mysteriously into the Bermuda Triangle area. A massive search operation was launched, but virtually nothing was found. 
Russel Burgess was a crew member of one of the ships that searched for the Sulhur Queen. He wrote to me. Here is what he said: 
I was a crew member of the uss newport news ca-148. We were one of the ships that searched for the Sulphur Queen. As I recall we found absolutely nothing. not even an oil slick!  
I wrote back asking him if he could send me some more details about his experience like how was the search operation carried out, which areas did he search, how long did it take etc.  
I'm sorry that I can't give you that much info regarding the search as it's been 48 years. But I do know that we searched quite a long time. I think it was a few days. I was surprised to find out that the coast guard found life preservers and other things. I know we didn't find anything, not even an oil slick which I find unusual if there was an explosion. 
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