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Devonshire dock is located on the North Shore road in Devonshire Parish. This is a small dock that was built in the early 1800s by the British. The dock served the British Royal Navy between 1812 to 1814 during the war with America. Thousands of soldiers and navy men used to arrive or depart on ships at the dock during the war. 
There are fresh water wells nearby dug by the navy. Drinking water used to be carried to she ships from that fresh water wells. Today, the dock is no longer used for ships. It is used by the local fishermen who moor their boats at the dock. Many of them sell fresh fish here when they come back after fishing in the afternoon. It's a great experience buying fish directly from the local fishermen. 
If you are staying in a self catering apartment, you can certainly try this out. You can also have a friendly chat with the fishermen to know about their life on the ocean. 
The dock is right on the North Shore Road and you can even see the traffic on the road. During the week days, the traffic is quite heavy. There is no car parking here. Sunday afternoon would be the right time to visit the Devonshire dock when the traffic is relatively much less. You get a wonderful view of the North Shore from here. 


The dock is located on North Shore Road at the junction of Dock Hill.  
Bus routes: #10 and 11 (operate between Hamilton and St George) 
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