Hexagonal Cloud & Air Bombs in Bermuda Triangle?

The Science Channel and other sources have recently confirmed that scientists and meteorologists have recently spotted some strange cloud formations. Series of hexagon shaped clouds with straight edges exist over an area of Atlantic ocean and stretching between 20 to 55 miles each. 
This is a strange and rare phenomena because cloud formations are usually random. And what more... such hexagonal clouds have been spotted at the western end of infamous Bermuda Triangle, about 150 miles off the coast of Florida near Bahamas. 
So how could such hexagonal clouds be associated with disappearances of aircraft and ships in Bermuda's Triangle? This may be explained by certain phenomena that have been already recorded on North Sea (about 4,500 miles away from Bermuda Triangle) and off the coast of UK. 
Hexagonal clouds have been noticed at that part of the turbulent North Sea as well. The radar equipment of modern satellites can see through the clouds and can take images of what's happening below the cloud. 
Such images on the north sea have confirmed ocean surface wind speed of about 100 miles per hour in such areas with very large and high waves that could be dangerous for ships. 
Meteorologists have also confirmed that such straight edge hexagonal clouds are like air bombs. They can blast anytime and generate vertical wind speed of up to 170 miles per hour gushing down to the ocean. Such wind gush can easily overturn and sink a ship or damage an aircraft that could be caught in that vertical wind. 
And such vertical blasts of winds (also known as micro blasts) coming down from the clouds could also create dangerous giant waves as high as 45-ft along with high-speed surface wind. 
So, is this the same phenomena taking place under the hexagonal clouds at Bermuda Triangle? That is the only thing that needs to be confirmed through satellite radar equipment. And if done, that would hopefully explain many incidents of disappearances in Bermuda Triangle. But it is still far from being proven and many scientists are already dismissing this theory due to lack of evidence on the triangle. 
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