Christ Church Cathedral, Nassau, Bahamas

This is considered the 'Mother Church' of all Anglican churches in Bahamas. This was the site where the first church of Bahamas was built in 1670. However that and the next structure on this site were destroyed by the Spaniards. What you see now is the 5th structure which was opened for service in 1841. In 1861 Nassau became a city and Christ Church a Cathedral. 
The present structure has been made out of lime stone blocks quarried and cut locally. The stone blocks are held mainly due to their sizes and weight rather than by use of cements. One of the striking features of this church is the tower. The pew has been made of mahogany. The floor is made of granite imported from Italy. You can see wonderful stained glasses on northern and southern side of the church. 
Also watch the stunning Crucifixion on the center panel of the east window. And there are numerous plaques and engravings inside the cathedral that depict the history of the period. There is however no graveyard in the church or a tomb that serve as the memory of the personalities of the period. 
Christ Church Cathedral, Nassau 
Source: Christ Church Cathedral 
Road Map Location of Christ Church Cathedral 
Regular Sunday services are held at 7:30am, 9am, 11:15am and 6pm. 
Location: George Street, Downtown Nassau. 
Phone: 1-(242)-322-4186; Email: [email protected] 
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