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While the fabulous white sandy beaches are likely to be at the center of your agenda when you visit Nassau andáParadise Island, at some point in time you need to look beyond the beaches. 
Otherwise you will miss out several other great attractions that deserve your attention... things like one of the largest aquariums in the world, playing andáswimming with dolphins, one of the best andálargest water parks in Caribbean, great museums, art gallery, churches, historic forts, national parks and more. 
Once you have gone through the list of attractions below, go through this Viator Website Page where you can find and book tours to visit the places of your choice. 
Below are the best places to see during your vacation in Nassau and Paradise Island. 

Bay Street

This is the busiest and the oldest street of New Providence. It's a tourist magnet being the commercial heart of Nassau with numerous shops, restaurants and bars making it the most popular shopping area for tourists. The popular Straw Market is located here. Know more about Bay Street... 
Bay Street Nassau 
Photo: Roger W, flickr cc by-sa 2.0 

Atlantis Marine Habitat (Aquariums)

Marine Habitat is located in Paradise Island and within the Atlantis Resorts complex. It's one of the largest Aquariums in the world having several sections including lagoons and caves housing over 50,000 marine creatures of all sorts. Know more about Marine Habitat... 
Atlantis Aquarium 
Photo: bobbsled, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 

Dolphin Encounters at Blue Lagoon Island

Short boat ride away from Nassau is Blue Lagoon island where you can swim with dolphins and even hug and kiss them. There are separate sections for sea lions and sting rays as well. The island also has lovely beaches for swimming and water sports. Know more about Blue Lagoon Island activities... 
Dolphin at Blue Lagoon Island 
Photo: Boris Kasimov, flickr, cc by 2.0 

Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis

Large waterscape spanning across 141 acre area with tropical green foliage. You can enjoy high speed slides, towers, pools andáother swimming areas, and most interesting of all a mile long river ride on a tube through surges and other surprises. Know more about Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis 
Photo: JERRYE AND ROY KLOTZ MD, cc by-sa 3.0 

Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center

The zoo here is popular with families not only because of the 135 odd animals, birds and reptiles it houses, but mainly because of the group of flamingoes that parade together creating a spectacular sight. You can also feed Lorry Parrots here. Know more about Ardastra Zoo... 
Photo: John Krupsky, flickr, cc by 2.0 

Pirates of Nassau Museum

An interactive museum that show cases 30 years of piracy age in Nassau through real-like exhibits and displays that includes models of pirates, shantytown where they would celebrate a loot, scenes of piracy, authentic remains of piracy age etc. Know more about Pirate Museum... 
Photo: Greg Grimes, flickr, cc by 2.0 

Queen's Staircase andáFort Fincastle

A staircase hand carved out of solid stone which was made by slaves to get direct access to the Fincastle fort built in late 1700s located on a hill top and later named after Queen Victoria. As you go up the stairs, you can explore the fort. Know more about Queen's Staircase... 
Photo: TravelingOtter, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 

John Watling's Distillery

A visit to an old but live distillery making local hand crafted premium rum and other spirits. The distillery is located in a beautiful estate. You will tour the estate, know its history, visit the distillery and see rum making andábottling and even taste local rums. Know more about John Watling's distillery and its tour... 
Photo: Alisa_Ch, Shutterstock 

Nassau Harbour Lighthouse

Also known as Hog Island Lighthouse, this is the oldest lighthouse in the entire Bahamas and experts believe this is also the oldest in the whole of West Indies. This 19-meter tall lighthouse is located at the western edge of Paradise Island and offers a terrific photo opportunity. You can find lots of conch shells at the nearby beach. Although not in operation now, the lighthouse once operated daily in order to guide the cruise ships approaching the Nassau Port. Go through Hog Island Lighthouse for details. 
Photo: Ralph Hńusler, Pixabay 

Arawak Cay - The Fish Fry

A cay created out of dredged harbor sand west of downtown which is popularly known as Fish Fry. The place is full of restaurants offering authentic Bahamian seafood, fried fish and other popular local food at reasonable prices. There is also a beach here. Know more about Arawak Cay... 
Arawak Cay, Nassau 
Photo: r0sss, cc by-nd 2.0 

The National Art Gallery of the Bahamas

Housed in a beautiful historic house in downtown, the gallery showcases fine arts created by Bahamian artists depicting the history of Bahamas including slavery period. Know more about National Gallery... 
National Art Gallery Bahamas 
Photo: TheLazyPineapple, Shutterstock 

Clifton Heritage National Park

A national park preserving the heritage of Bahamas through many exhibits that reflect the story of original inhabitants, the loyalists who started the settlement and the Africans who were used in slavery. The park has several lovely beaches, snorkel areas with underwater sculptures, picnic areas etc and is an excellent place to explore bird life, flora and views. Know more about Clifton Heritage Park... 
Beach at Clifton Heritage Park 
Photo: photravel_ru, Shutterstock 

Christ Church Cathedral

Known as the 'Mother Church' of all Anglican churches in Bahamas, this was the first church built in Bahamas in 1670 although it went through several re-constructions later. Notice the striking tower and the mahogany pew inside. Know more about Christ church... 

The Cloisters

This is a rare remains of a French monastery located in Paradise Island with surround landscaped garden and overlooking the harbor ... a structure with handcrafted stone pillars and arches ... a wonderful intricately made edifice of the past. It has been imported. A beautiful serene place to soak in the views and spend some time in tranquility. Know more about Cloisters... 
The Cloisters, Bahamas 
Photo: Shiny Things, flickr, cc by 2.0 

Graycliff Chocolatier

Take a tour to know about the historic property where the chocolate factory is housed, learn how premium chocolates of Bahamas are made from the scratch, try your hands and make a chocolate bar yourself and finally taste various samples. Know more about Graycliff Chocolatier... 

Cigar Rolling at Graycliff Cigar Company

Graycliff started the Cigar Company in January 1997 when they had only one roller in the foyer of the Graycliff restaurant. It now has 16 skilled torcedores or expert rollers. The cigar company is located at the same premises as the Graycliff Hotel. It produces the following cigar brands: Graycliff, G2, Bahiba, Cabinet Selection by Graycliff and the newly introduced B-Cuz by Graycliff. 
Graycliff Cigar Company 
Photo: RyAwesome, flickr, cc by-nd 2.0 
You can take a guided tour, interact with master rollers, see them rolling cigars with great expertise and also take a cigar rolling lesson from one of them. During the tour, they will start with history of tobacco and cigars, you will then learn about cigar rolling techniques from an expert, make a cigar yourself (materials will be provided), and finally enjoy your own hand-rolled cigar. 
You can check details, rates and book the tour through this Viator Website Page 
Address: West Hill Street, Nassau, Bahamas 
Phone: 242-302-9150; Email: [email protected] 

Parliament Square

This is a popular public square which is home to the most important government buildings of Nassau. The buildings here reflect the Neo-Georgian architecture of the period. You can see Senate house, house of Assembly, Supreme Court etc among several others. Know more about Parliament Square... 
Parliament Square Nassau 
Photo: Roger W, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 

Fort Charlotte

The largest fort in New Providence overlooking the harbor. The fort was constructed by Governor Lord Dunmore to safeguard Nassau against Spanish attacks. Live programs take place at the fort followed by cannon firing that showcase the history of the period. Know more about Fort Charlotte... 
Photo: reivax, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 

Primeval Forest National Park

A national park in south west of New Providence with evergreen hardwood forests, varied flora and fauna, and natural limestone caverns with large openings. There are boardwalks and steps to reach out to all key areas in the park. Know more about Primeval Forest... 
Primeval Forest National Park 
Photo:, flickr, cc by-sa 2.0 

Jetline Simulation Bahamas

Located at downtown Nassau, you can get lifelike experience flying a commercial jet in a flight simulator with full glass cockpit having 270 degree field of view. In fact this B737NG flight simulator is a full-size replica of the real aircraft and simulates the exact experience of flying a commercial 737 jetline. 
You are accompanied by an instructor who is a real pilot. The vibrations, sound and all the real-like controls including use of auto-throttle and auto-pilot brings the experience to life. You can choose to fly from any airport in the world and in any weather condition depending on your skill level. 
Photo: Jetline Simulation Bahamas 
There are several packages offered including beginners to professionals. You can bring in a family member to enjoy the flight with you. Package price can vary from $140 to $322 depending on duration of flight (30 minute to 90 minute). 
Address: The Pointe Plaza One, Shop 115D, West Bay Street, Nassau, Bahamas. 
Phone: +1(242) 677 2836; Email: [email protected] 
Hours: Sunday - Thursday / 10am - 6pm; Friday - Saturday / 10am-10pm 
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