Parliament Square, Nassau, Bahamas

Located across Bay Street and easily within walking distance from anywhere in Downtown Nassau, Parliament Square is a prominent place and a popular tourist attraction in Nassau. You will be amazed by the pastel buildings with Neo-Georgian architecture. These buildings were created by the British Loyalists between late 1700s and early 1800s who returned from The US (North Carolina) and settled down at Nassau. They were inspired by the buildings in the old capital of the state of North Carolina. 
As you look straight from Bay Street, the bright pink building at the center is the Senate Building. This is where the Upper House (16-member senate) meets at the upper floor. 
Parliament Square, Nassau 
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The building on the right is the House of Assembly where both houses (i.e. 32 member lower house and the Senate) meet to debate on the various matters related to the state. When the session is on you can actually sit on the gallery and watch the proceedings. 
The Building on the left is the office of the Opposition leader. Look for the marble built statue of Queen Victoria at the courtyard right in front of the Senate Building. This was built with public money and erected on May 24, 1905 in honor of Queen's birthday. 
Behind the Senate Building is the Supreme Court of The Bahamas which is in operation since 1921. The quarterly sessions begin in January, April, July and October when you can see a flurry of activities here and when the sessions are on, you can see the judges wearing traditional British wigs and robes. 
Parliament Square is located south of Rawson Square in Downtown Nassau on Bay street and within easy walking distance from the cruise terminal. 
Road Map Location of Parliament Square 
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