Queen's Staircase & Fort Fincastle, Nassau, Bahamas

Queen's Staircase is a 66-step staircase (although the first step is now buried under the floor). It's located at the Fort Fincastle complex in Nassau. The fort is located on top of Bennet's Hill - the highest point of Nassau. The fort was built by Lord Dunmore in 1793 and the staircase was necessary to have a direct access to the fort from the city. 
Queen's Staircase, Nassau 
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Around 600 slaves were engaged to build this staircase which was hand-carved from solid limestone rock. It took more than 16 years to complete this 102-foot long staircase. It was later named after Queen Victoria. You can go up and down this impressive staircase and explore the historic fort complex. 
Fort Fincastle is made of cut limestone and looks like a paddle steamer. It overlooks Nassau and Paradise Island and was used to guard Nassau and the harbor. It's a small fort and you won't take more than 20 minutes to explore. The view from the top is excellent... great photo opportunity. 
Fort Fincastle, Nassau 
Fort Fincastle, Nassau 
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There are several cannons mounted on the fort ... two 12-ponder, two 24 ponder and two 32-pounder. The fort was used as a lighthouse to help navigate the ships until 1817 when the Paradise Island Lighthouse was build to do the job better. The fort was later used as a signal station. 
Fort Fincastle 
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NOTE: If a fort is of your main interest, then visit Fort Charlotte located within a walking distance from Downtown Nassau towards west opposite Arawak Cay. This is the largest British fort in Nassau. 
Entry: Free for Queen's Staircase, $1.20 for Fincastle fort. 
Location: Elizabeth Avenue South, Nassau (walking distance from Straw Market, Bay Street. It takes about 10 minutes to walk up to the fort from British Colonial Hilton Hotel). 
Phone: (242) 356-9085, (242) 326-2566 
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