The Cloisters, Bahamas

This is a beautiful edifice which is now a remnant of a 14th century French monastery comprising of stunning stone columns and arches. This is one of the only four that was imported to the US from France in 1920s by the then newspaper baron William Randolph Hearst. In 1960s, it was imported to Bahamas (stone by stone) by Huntington Hartford and installed at a high grounds in Paradise Island. 
With wonderful manicured gardens (Versailles garden) and lovely view of the Nassau harbor, Cloisters is one place which is all about serenity and romanticism where you can spend your time in introspection and soaking in the views. It's a place ideal for a photo opportunity. 
The Cloisters, Paradise Island 
Photo: Laila Goubran, flickr, cc by 2.0 
Located on Ocean Drive and near the entrance of One & Only Ocean Club resorts property in Paradise Island, you need a car or a taxi to reach Cloisters from Nassau. However from most hotels in Paradise Island, you can walk up to Cloisters. 
The Cloisters, Bahamas 
Photo: Shiny Things, flickr, cc by 2.0 
Other than the structure with hand carved stone columns and arches, you can find several stone statues and a fountain on the grounds. Walk around to enjoy the beautiful gardens and many flowering plantations. However do not walk beyond the 'No Trespass' sign at the lowest level of the garden as that demarcates the boundary with the private area of the resort.  
Road Map Location of The Cloister 
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