Great fine dining & upscale restaurants in Grand Bahama

There are few fine dining restaurants in Grand Bahama and they are all places where you need to make reservations before checking in. most of these have some kind of dress code so it’s advisable to steer clear of wearing extremely casual dresses while visiting these restaurants. All these are experiential places which you should visit when you have some time on your hands. All these restaurants accept cards. 

Flying Fish

The Flying Fish has been the recipient of many awards in the Bahamas and is arguably one of the best places in the Caribbean that offers a fine dining experience. In fact there are tourists who travel to Freeport with a major goal of dining here. The staff there is homegrown i.e. 100% Bahamian and they have a strong commitment towards boosting the local economy. Only fresh produce is used in cooking and that includes freshly procured meat and caught fish. 
The Hereford Beef burger here is a must try and so are the sautéed Mahi, Pork Belly and Scallops Fish Tacos and the signature 72 hour beef short ribs. The bar menu is available post 5 p.m. on their elegant patio and there is an impressive wine list. The restaurant is perched on water in a little Cove that faces Freeport’s main canal that’s right next to Pelican Bay. Whichever table you choose to sit… there is a nice water view. Service and the live music are both excellent. Try visiting at a time which allows you to watch the sunset. Reservations are required… book in advance!! 
Seahorse Road between Pelican Bay and Grand Lucaya Hotel, Freeport  
Phone: + 1 242 373 4363 

Agave Lucaya

A popular Latin American restaurant in Freeport, Agave Lucaya has a fun and happening ambience. Must haves here are the Jerk Chicken Burritos, Mahi Tuna Nachos, Coconut shrimp curries and the bite sized Tacos. There is a theme there called Two Dollar Tuesdays and the whole menu is marked down drastically. The Marghertas here are extremely popular. As with most restaurants in Bahamas, this one too underwent several repairs due to the unpredictable weather and storms but now they have come up with an extended dining area. 
On the flip side, the gratuity is pre added to the bill so the servers have no motivation to try and be extra nice to guests. 
Happy hours are 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. everyday 
Address: Port Lucaya Marketplace, Near Sparky’s, Freeport 
Hours: Open everyday 11AM - 10:30PM 
Phone: +1 242-374-4887 

Dolphin Clubhouse

Dolphin Clubhouse is in Grand Bahama Island and it’s basically a seafood fine dining restaurant that specializes in Italian food and steaks. However this is more of a dining club than a mere restaurant and the staff are very attentive and pleasant. Reservations are required. 
Having cocktails on the beautiful terrace while looking down on the waterways is a good option. You can also sit and watch the chef preparing dishes in the Lie kitchen. If you like fish then you will love the fish specials. Other must haves are grilled garlic shrimps, lamb chops with mashed potatoes, flaming filet mignon etc. Chef Neil there is pretty well known for his attention to detail. The wine and food pairings suggested by the staff are very good too. 
On the whole a slightly pricey place that gives you great returns. The service is definitely the differentiating factor here…come here with lots of time on your hands… the Dolphin Clubhouse demands a relaxed visit. Only two dozen guests can be accommodated at one go inside the clubhouse so make sure you reserve a place in advance. 
Timings: Sun 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM, Wed 6:00 PM - 10:30 AM, Thu - Sat 6:00 PM - 10:30 PM 
Address: 14 Swans Drive, Freeport Grand Bahama Island 
Phone (call for reservations): +1 242 602 4964 

Mid-Range Restaurants

There are plenty of mid-range restaurants in Grand Bahama and they serve a variety of cuisines from Italian to sushi to American and Bahamian. You will find playful fusion food at most of these places and almost all of these play nice music all the time (the Bahamians are passionate about music). Most of these restaurants accept cards but the machines are often out of order which makes it sensible to carry cash as well. 
Zorba’s Greek Restaurant 
One of the best places in Grand Bahama Island for a nice hot breakfast, tourists from USA can enjoy their staple eggs, bacon and strong coffee here regularly. The Zorba’s is at its most popular during breakfast and lunch hours and you will find a good mix or tourists and locals gathering here. 
The staff is warm and welcoming and the cuisine served is a pleasant detour from Caribbean food. This place also has a pastry shop that sells baklava, cookies, éclairs, carrot cake etc. along with cheesecake. Go there for the flaming cheese or Saganaki, Zorba burger, coconut French toast and the freshly baked Bahamian breads… the portions are nice and generous. Do taste the Greek Coffee…it’s a rare concoction here in the Bahamas. They sell Cuban Cigars too in case you are interested. 
Address: Port Lucaya, Grand Bahama (approach from Seahorse Rd, near port Lucaya Marina). 
Open: 7am to 11pm. 
Phone: +1 242 373 6317 
Pier One Restaurant 
Probably one of the very few places in Grand Bahama where you can have decent Sushi, the Pier One Restaurant has an extensive Japanese and seafood based menu. This place will impress you with its neatness and unusual décor. Must try dishes are the Mahi, grilled lobster tails and the Salmon apart from the Sushi dishes. Some dessert entrees like the pies (lime, apple etc.) are also good. The Chef here Marshall adds a seaweed based appetizer every day. 
There is an indoor as well as outdoor seating area and its recommended that you sit outside if you visit in the evenings…you will get to enjoy the lovely sunset. Around 8 p.m. they have a shark feeding session where you can watch the staff (and participating guests) feed the sharks from the outside deck. 
It’s highly recommended to make prior reservations before a visit as this is a pretty busy place. 
Timings: Sunday and Saturday 4:00 PM - 10:00 PM, Monday to Friday 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM 
Location: Port Lucaya Marina, Lucayan Harbor (next to Zorba's restaurant) 
Phone: +1 242 352 6674 
La Parrilla Latina Restaurant 
La Parrilla is basically a Latin restaurant that offers Latin Bahamian fusion food and a nice bar menu. The décor is classy with hanging lamp shades and an interesting color scheme…Latin and alternative music is played all time inside. 
The food here is quite innovatively planned and the steaks, salads and pasta based dishes are famous. The seafood platter is also one of the bestselling items. They have a good bar menu with a nice collection of premium wines, whiskeys, gin based drinks, tequilas etc. 
On the flip side, taxes and tips are included in the bill so the servers are not so motivated to go out of their way to serve guests. Also, there is a really thin glass partition separating the inside and the outside seating areas and the glass is thin enough to let people on either sides overhear each others’ conversations. 
Happy hours every day from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. 
Address: Port Lucaya Marketplace, Building 1 Unit 7, Grand Bahama 
Phone: +1 242 373 7277 
Timings: Open every day from 3 pm to 1 am 
Giovanni’s Café 
Giovanni’s calls itself a café but serves fine restaurant style food with a distinct Italian and Mediterranean twist. Though the place is small and looks nondescript, the interiors are well done up. 
The chicken Parmigiana is highly recommended and so is the lobster soaked in wine and Italian Conch Soup. The servings are generous and the staff stop by to talk, smile and share the history of the place. You can try the Crème Caramel in the dessert section…that’s good too. 
There is an early bird dinner option too (between 4 pm to 6 pm) where you get a special menu of 8 dishes to select from with reasonably priced house wine. These people have also opened a new French restaurant downtown called Merport Bistro. 
Timings: Every day from 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. 
Location: Port Lucaya Marketplace 
Phone: +1 242 373 9107 
Cappuccino’s Italian Restaurant 
This is a charming family run Italian restaurant that serves great quality food at decent prices. You will mostly find Italian comfort food here like seafood linguine, pesto, gnocchi along with steaks and fresh fish dishes. The house special pappardelle and the fillet mignon Madeira are both highly recommended. The seating areas are in the dining room and the outdoor patio and but are small though nicely designed. 
This place is one of the few places in Grand Bahama to have a good vegetarian meal too. The owners Tony and Dannilo are very friendly. The ambience of Cappuccino makes you feel that you are in a restaurant in Italy and not in Bahamas…. a welcome change for those seeking a deviation from typical Caribbean food. You will find a healthy mix of expats, tourists and locals dining here and the ambience is always relaxed and charming. 
They take cards and the icing on the cake is that they look reasonably upscale while their prices are quite down to earth. 
Address: Sea Horse Road, Port Lucaya Marketplace, Freeport 
Phone: +1 242 373 1584 
Sabor Restaurant and Bar 
Sabor (means Taste in Spanish) looks rather low key when you first see it and the service is pleasant with not much of the Caribbean local friendly banter…. this may be an advantage or a disadvantage depending upon what you are seeking. This restaurant has a picturesque setting and is actually best meant for evening cocktails and meals. It’s attached to the Pelican Bay Hotel and you can easily walk around touring the hotel during the longish time they will take to serve your order. You can sit and stare at the Port Lucaya Marina or you can choose the area around the pool deck… it’s all awash with twinkling lights. 
Both the lunch and dinner menus are a mixture of American and Bahamian cuisine with a local flavor too. Some popular items are Grand Cay Cracked Conch, OMG Jalapeno Shrimps, Seared tuna, steaks, fresh Hog Snapper and burgers. There is a good selection of vegetarian dishes too and that’s an advantage in this part of the world along with pasta, meat and fish based dishes. 
Happy hours are from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. everyday 
Address: Sea Horse Road at Port Lucaya, Pelican Bay Hotel 
Phone: +1 242 373 5588 

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