Kayaking & Canoeing in Grand Bahama

A great way of exploring the unique geographical features & nature of Grand Bahama is through kayaking… using flat bottomed canoes/kayaks that can swiftly take you around the mangrove swamps and creeks teeming with marine life on the north shore. 
Unlike many other water sports, Kayaking isn’t difficult to learn and can be taught in 10 minutes. Some hotels have their own kayaks which they provide to guests. It’s also possible to go off on a personal kayak adventure (okay for people with good  kayaking experience) or opt for a guided tour. 
Calabash Eco Adventure Tours 
One of the oldest eco adventure tourism companies on the islands…there are a number of Kayaking experiences that they offer. 
Dover Sound Kayak Eco adventure includes kayaking through the mangrove forests and exploring the mango islands while learning about the ecology of the place. Tours start from about 65$ per adult. 
North Riding Point Kayak plus Snorkeling adventure is an 8.5 hour long program that takes guests to east side of the island where trees where once exported at North Riding point. Red mangrove forests, birds and schooling fish abound here and kayaking is followed by snorkeling to a wreck and trekking. Prices are 89$ per adult. 
Pelican lake kayak snorkeling adventure is a longish 6.5 hour tour with a thorough exploration of the mango swash land and sargasum weed patches at Pelican Lake and acquaintance with the turtles and jellyfish that dwell there in profusion. Kayaking is followed by snorkeling/ blue whole diving and cultural tour. Tours start from 79$ per adult. 
Peterson’s Cay Kayak Snorkeling Adventure is a half a day package that takes guests via kayak to Peterson’s Cay that is about a mile away from Grand Bahama shores. The beach, vegetation and marine life is explored along with a snorkeling tour. Prices start from 69$ per adult. 
Freeport F40365, Grand Bahama Island 
Phone: +1 242-727-1974 
Nexus Tours 
In case you want a multi terrain experience, then a package like the Grand Bahama Kayak and Jeep adventure from Nexus Tours that’s a popular eco adventure tour operator, may suit you. Popular variants of kayaking tours are arranged by Nexus tours that’s a major adventure tourism provider on the island. 
You can go through Freeport in an open top jeep followed by a walk through the famous Lucayan national park and then a kayaking experience through tributaries and forests that are full of exotic flora and fauna. The trip ends in a relaxing sunbathing and picnic at Gold Rock beach. The packages include professional guide service charge, hotel transport, lunch, equipment use etc.  
There is also a 4.5 hour Kayak only tour that will take you through the Lucayan national park and the mangrove creek followed by cave exploration and a beach lunch. This tour is priced at 96$ per person. 
Address: Freeport Bahamas 
Phone: +52 998 251 6559 
Paradise cove kayaking 
You can get a day pass for Paradise Cove in case you want a full day adventure including beach lazing, snorkeling and kayaking or you can get a kayaking only pass (this costs 35$ per adult). Kayaking sessions (2.5 hours long), hotel transport and equipment rental are included in this fee. 
The waters around Paradise cove are quiet and calm and it’s interesting to imagine the ancient lucayans who once treated their kayaks as a main form of conveyance. A snorkel-kayak combo pass is also available for 60$ per adult. 
Paradise Cove, Deadman’s Reef 
Phone: 242-349-2677 
Grand Bahama Nature Tour 
One of Freeport’s most reliable eco tour operators…the Grand Bahama Nature tour offers a safe (even for kids) 90 minute kayaking plus 4.5 hour adventure that families can opt for. The kayaking trail is through the Grand Lucayan Park and only easy paddling is involved. 
Tours are fully guided and lunch, beach exploration and swimming time are also included. Price per adult is 89$ and hotel transport, equipment rental is included. This tour emphasizes on knowledge enhancement about local flora and fauna and is a good educational experience. 
Address: 68, Silver Palm, Freeport, Grand Bahama Island 
Phone: (242) 373-2485  
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