Castaway Cay, Abaco - Bahamas

Getting Here: Castaway Cay is privately owned by Disney and is only approachable via a Disney Cruise. It is located near Great Abaco island (off Sandy Point).  
Castaway cay is an 1000 acre private island that’s a part of Abaco and is an exclusive port serving the Disney Cruise Line ships… this means that you can only arrive on this island via a Disney cruise. In fact the Walt Disney Company brought a 99 year land lease for the Castaway Cay from the Bahamian Government and now Disney creates nice guest experiences for tourists. Tourists mostly purchase Disney packages and the castaway experience is a part of it.  
The island is developed like a castaway community and the buildings look dilapidated. 3 beaches are a part of castaway… there is a family beach, an adult beach (serenity bay) and another one for Cabana guests. Beaches have hammocks, shades and plenty of palm trees. There are swimming areas with good lifeguard service. 
There are a number of activities which tourists can avail here like massage service, snorkeling, feeding stingrays, kayaking, renting watercrafts, sailing and participating in sports like volleyball and basketball. In case you want to rent equipment you can go to Windsock Hut and Flippers and Floats which specialize in a wide variety of water sports and games equipment. On your visit to the castaway cay… you will be overwhelmed by the number of available entertainment options… the wisest decision would be to take a package of activities (independent service providers provide these) that suit your interests and time limitations. 
Monkey bars and ropes along with giant water slides (the Pelican Plunge is the best) are provided for the entertainment of kids. There is also a wet play area called spring a Leak. There is a supervised kids play area called Scuttles Cove where parents can drop off their kids before they go to the adults beach…. sandcastle building, water balloon fights and interactions with giant mickey and goofy are part of the experience. There is also a zone called Hide Out which is a teen only area where only 14 to 17 year olds can hang out. 
Snorkeling around the castaway cay is a popular activity …submarines are displayed underwater in the snorkeling area and you can see a dazzling array of marine life. The Disney package includes arrival at the island in a ship and there are facilities for meals on the ship as well as on the island. On the cay, there are plenty of bars and the waiters will bring up your drinks right up to your lounge. 
Do check out Cookies BBQ and Cookies Too BBQ once you are there… also don’t miss out on the best bars i.e. Conched Out Bar, Sand Bar, Heads up Bar and Castaway Air Bar. Don’t plan for late lunches… the restaurants here close down by 2 pm. 
Don’t miss out on purchasing Disney Cruise Line stamps and mailing postcards with those stamps from the Castaway Cay Post office (it will take ages to reach its destination though). Also do avail the tram service…it will take you around the Bahamas faster. 
Interestingly castaway Cay has more than 60 Disney cruise line members, captains, maintenance personnel and staff working for it… they all live full time on the cay. Food is brought in by ships while drinking water is arranged by reverse osmosis. There is also an airport on the island tough it’s not very active. Free strollers and wagons are available on the island and that’s rather a nice touch. 
Before you book your Disney package including the castaway cay experience, read the fine print properly. There are no refunds if you cancel after a week before the sail. Also there are almost no provisions for very young kids (not potty trained kids). Please carry plenty of cash… most counters will not accept anything else. 
Map of Castaway Cay, Bahamas 
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