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Abaco Islands, Bahamas

There are many kinds of restaurants in Abaco and while most of them serve Bahamian cuisine, you will find Asian, American, Italian, Mexican and fusion food too. Don’t miss out sampling the local cocktails… they have interesting blends. There are mostly mid-range and budget restaurants and bars in Abaco and a few fine dining options. 

Upscale Restaurants

Abaco does not have too many super expensive restaurants, so most premium restaurants here will not match up to your expectations if you are judging them by Nassau or even Grand Bahama standards. That being said, these are good places to have nice private meals in a relatively elegant atmosphere. Most premium restaurants here are attached to a resort and usually accept cards. 
Meals for two at premium restaurants in Abaco Islands can cost about 70$ and above. 
Treasure Sands Club 
Address: Treasure Cay Road, Great Abaco Islands 
Phone: + 1 242 365-9385 
This restaurant is about 3 miles away from the treasure cay golf resort and the setting is on the beach so it’s visually attractive. There is a stunning pink dock here and a lovely pool with a good array of loungers all decked up with cushions. The food is good but might seem a little overpriced in comparison with other local restaurants. Bahamian Fish Sandwich, Lobster BLT, lamb, garlic conch, steaks are some of their best dishes. The dessert selection seems good to look at but the dishes are not that great if you compare them to Florida standards. 
The staff and the manager are attentive and there is a super friendly waiter here who is fondly called Pineapple. If you come here by boat …you pretty much have to dock your own vessel… the staff appears to be super busy. You have to pay a cover charge for the dock even if you have a proper meal here. 
Wally’s Restaurant 
Address: E Bay Street Marsh Harbor 
Phone: +1 973-418-1688 
This is located near the Marsh Harbor Marina so it’s easy to find this pretty pink house that has been converted into a restaurant. Go here for Conch chowder, fish cake appetizers, conch fritters, cracked conch plates, sweet potato fries… and all the other local food items are pretty good too. The patio area is very pretty and is a good choice to sit and have wine. They have nice offers and sumptuous six course meals on Valentine’s Day, New Year’s and other events. 
Know beforehand that the bill includes VAT and a suggested percentage for the tip. The restrooms are not that great and sometimes the place is so full that you have to wait for a sizeable amount of time for your order to arrive. 
Address: Memorial Plaza, Marsh Harbor, Abaco 
There are few places in Abaco where you can have a nice elegant dinner in the midst of reasonable privacy and Oasis is one of them. Owned by three entrepreneurs David Thompson, Antonio Huyler and Demeko Saunders… the menu here is a mix of French, Asian and Italian food. Every Tuesday there is a delectable Asian spread… there are very good Sushi and Chinese dishes. Friday and Saturday have fun theme nights. The restaurant is closed on Sundays and on other days it closes by 9.30pm which is a big downside. 
Bahamas Beach Club 
Address: Treasure Cay Drive, Treasure Cay 
Phone: +1 242 365 8500 
This restaurant is part of the beach club so there are plenty of added activities you can indulge in like games and paddle boating. The pool grill and bar has a lovely outdoor setting and all of the grounds are nicely maintained. There are some specialty cuisine nights like Italian nights, Mexican dinners etc. and Friday nights are for having steaks sitting under the stars. 
The grilled shrimp, lobster and the steaks are quite nice but there is a lack of kid friendly entrees on the menu (for example French fries aren’t served). The cocktails like Bahama Mama, Goombay Smash and Pina Coladas are also great… you will find it nice to interact with the bartenders and the chef Keeshad. A downside is that they close pretty early ….on someday the place shuts down by 5 p.m. 

Mid-Range Restaurants

If you do not want to spend a lot on food and yet you have reservations about going to a very homely place for your meals then mid-range restaurants in Abaco are your best bet. These restaurants have moderately priced food and pleasant ambience. They may accept cards occasionally but it’s safer to carry cash. 
Price Range: meal for two at a mid-range restaurant in Abaco is about 60$ and above. 
Anglers Restaurant 
Address: Abaco Beach Resort, Off Bay Street, Marsh Harbor 
Phone: 242-367-2158 
Tuck into succulent roasted lamb racks with mashed potatoes and broiled tails of lobsters while you look at the seascape and the yachts on Boat Harbor Marina. This place has a very nice décor scheme… there are beautiful white tablecloths decorated with orchids, seashells and lovely pastel shaded napkins. Come here and feast on the catch of the day…the charbroiled steak, seafood pasta and Bahamian chicken, Guava duff are great too. Anglers is on the touristy strip on Marsh Harbor and it’s the only place here where you can get a wholesome cooked breakfast. 
Jib Room 
Address: 1 Pelican Shore, Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1-242-367-2700 
Jibs Room is one of the most popular places around amongst the local tourists and the boater community. The fish Reuben here is mighty tasty as well as the steaks. There is a special Rib Night on Wednesdays and steak night on Saturdays. There is a casually styled bar that serves up nice concoctions of local drinks. There is parking facility and it is possible to pull up your boat to the Marina and then hop in to the restaurant. 
Weekends are rather packed so you need to make prior reservations. Sometimes a Live band plays here and the atmosphere becomes lively and entertaining. You might find the atmosphere more American then Bahamian. 
Colors by the Sea 
Address: East Bay Street, Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1 -242-699-3294 
Colors by the Sea is just a 5 minute walk from the public dock and a ten minute walk from the moorings base. The grilled snapper, plantain dishes, conch fritters, tacos, Cajun grouper fillets, fish fingers here are great. Do try the punched rum and cocktails too… they have this option of a personalized Colors special drink that you can customize as per your preferences. 
The owner Mrs. Duncombe is friendly. Colors has excellent harbor views and that’s a big advantage… this is probably the prettiest place in Marsh Harbor to get a drink. The bar chairs are made of hardwood and might seem uncomfortable to some. 
Café La Florence 
Address: Treasure Cay, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: 242 365 8185 
The café is inside Treasure Cay Resort and it’s near the gorgeous shopping strip on the island. Most locals and tourists swear by the cinnamon rolls, muffins and shakes here. If you are looking for a light lunch… this is a good place to go to. You can try out dishes like conch chowder, lobster quiche, Jamaican meat patty etc. the chef here can also arrange private dinners with customized menus on request. This place is closed on Sundays. 

Budget Restaurants

These are places to dine in Abaco when you are on a budget. You will find the atmosphere very casual and the furnishings might strike you as shabby. Mostly locals will frequent these places though some of them are quite favored by tourists too. These places are best used as a quick meal joint or a takeaway. They will usually accept only cash. 
Price Range: meal for two at a budget restaurant in Abaco Islands is around 30$ and above. 
Back 2 Da Island 
Address: Crossing Beach, Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1-242-367-0150 
This is one of the best places on the island to grab breakfast. It’s just across the road from Crossing Beach and inside the parking lot of the ferry dock to Man O War Cay…this makes this place ideal for a quick meal before you catch the ferry. This café style eatery has a lot of nice local Bahamian dishes. Go there for the massive sandwiches that are packed with tuna/ eggs, bacon and veggies…. the vegetable omelets are also great. 
Some other best selling dishes are chicken curry special and steamed mackerel with cheese grills. This is more of a takeout kind of place so don’t expect fancy ambience… outside seating options are also limited. The cafe closes at 3pm every day except on weekends when it closes at 6pm. 
Jake’s Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor 
Address: Suite 107, 108 Memorial Plaza, Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1 242 367 5253 
Jake’s has a lot of seating capacity but it’s not a sophisticated place. Portions are nice and the staff is always friendly though the service is sometimes slow. Some great dishes to try out here are vegetable quesadillas, conch fritters, mango jerked pork, pork chop, rice and peas, mac and cheese, lobster with garden salad. the prices are really reasonable and that’s an advantage in overall expensive Bahamas.  
The ice cream selection here is really nice and so are the matted milk shakes…. try the warm coconut and pineapple tart…it’s their specialty. Jakes sometimes has theme nights like Pizza nights, wings nights and steak nights so try visiting on those days. The only disadvantage is that they are not located on the seafront. 
Jamie’s Place 
Address: Bay Street, Marsh Harbor Great Abaco Island 
Phone: + 1-242-367-2880 
Jamie’s is just 15 minutes from the airport so this where you can drop in if you are hungry after your flight. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are available and the staff are warm and friendly. Some good dishes to try here are lobster, tuna salad wrap, steamed conch, steamed stew beef, pepper steak, fried fish. The ice cream, iced tea and dessert options are good too and the bread is always freshly baked. Portions are big and the prices are pretty reasonable according to Bahamas standards. 
The one big disadvantage of Jamie’s is that there is no alcohol on the menu. Jamie’s remains closed on Sundays so even that’s a downer. The ambience is more like a local dining place though you will see a healthy mix of tourists and locals inside.  
Address: Don McKay Blvd, Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1-242-367-1271 
This place is known for its wholesome breakfast menu… you will get a range of options here right from Bahamian specialty Stewed Fish, souse made of sheep tongue and chicken (the souses come with complimentary chunks of Johnny cakes) to traditional ham, potatoes and eggs. Pancakes and coffee, French toast, multi layered sandwiches etc are also available for lovers of typical American food. The only downside is that the ambience isn’t that great and the place looks understaffed. Go to this place with cash…they don’t usually accept cards. 
Harbor View Pizza 
Address: Bay Street, Across Harbor View Marina 
Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1-242-375-9550 
If you are missing American pizza then this is the best place to get it at a reasonable cost. Their thin crust pizzas (try ones with pepperoni, Canadian bacon, Hawaiian chicken and sausage), chicken wings, calzones. They have free Wi fi and free parking and free delivery too. Harbor View Pizza is closed on Sundays. The ambience is not that amazing though and you might miss the Pizza Hut atmosphere. Locals come here often… you might prefer taking takeaway food from here. These people only make thin crust pizzas but they are remarkably good. Prices are quite reasonable and portions are good. 

Bars and Grills in Abaco

Most restaurants in Abaco have bars apart from ones in Hope Town which is an alcohol free zone. That being said, there are some nice places which serve BBQ style food with nice ocean views and a good bar. These are basically places where you should take a boat trip to and enjoy the atmosphere along with a few drinks. Most of them do not accept cards. 
Cracker P’s Bar and Grill 
Lubbers Quarters, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: 1 242 577 3139 
You can take a short boat trip to Lubbers Quarters from Hope Town… this is a fun place to hang out at. This place is distinguished by the fact that there are no fried dishes here… the specials change daily and they are posted on the board. The fish dip, frozen mojitos, hamburgers, bratwurst sausages, baked mac and cheese and the marinated conch are bestsellers. You can also buy a bottle of their hot sauce…it’s pretty nice. 
Once you are done with filling your tummy you can indulge in the plentiful bar games, paddle boarding and playing beach volleyball. The owner Patrick S and his staff are quite friendly. There is a gift shop on the premises… it stocks a lot of nice artefacts and t-shirts. 
Ballyhoo Bar and Grill 
Address: Near White Sound, Bluff House Beach Hotel Marina 
New Plymouth, Green Turtle Cay 
Phone: 242-365-4200 
This is a casual place on the Bluff House Marina and it has good water views. Try and grab a seat under the umbrella on the deck…you can get a nice view of the harbor this way…. otherwise the air-conditioned dining room that’s styled like a pub is also nice. Good dishes to try here are conch fritters, American burgers, roasted pork tenderloin, goat cheese salads, vegetable roasts and a variety of cocktails. The pool nearby promises nice recreational activities. 
Snappas Chill and Grill 
Marsh Harbor, East Bay Street, Great Abaco Islands 
Phone: +1-242-367-2278 
The boater community frequent this waterfront place a lot… and the Tuesday Pizza nights are especially packed up. There is a large TV Screen here that keeps broadcasting games. Try the special subs with French fries, grilled fish, lobsters they are all great. The alcohol selection is also nice though happy hour (5 p.m. to 7.30 p.m.) discounts are only applicable on bottled beer which is disappointing. A live band plays at dinner time on some days and sometimes there are theme nights which are fun.  This is the kind of place where even if you go alone… you don’t feel or end up alone. 
Sunset Grill and Bar 
Address: Great Abaco Highway, Sandy Point, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1 242 375 9858 
This is a good place to go when you are craving BBQ style food. The fish and the chicken preparations are really good and you will get a nice selection of fresh fruits too. The menu is kid friendly so that’s an advantage if you are going with family. The food quality and portions are consistently nice.  This is an open air place so the views are good. Staff is friendly and they work quite hard. 
Coco Beach Bar and Grill 
Address: Treasure Cay Hotel and Resort, Great Abaco Island 
Phone: +1-242-365-8470 
The best thing about this place is the location… it’s right there on the Treasure Cay Beach on the best spot. There is always a rush at the bar so you might have to wait for a while to get your drink. The menu is rather limited but the dishes are well prepared… the best dishes here are (predictably) cracked conch and conch fritters though the meaty burger selection here is nice too. 
You will find an Asian influence in the food. All three meals i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner are served here so that’s an advantage. Sunday brunch is good. Service is slow but that’s the case almost everywhere on the islands here. 

Night Clubs and Disco Bars in Abaco

Abaco in general is not known for its nightlife. However if you absolutely cannot stay without visiting a disco bar then checking out the below mentioned places is a good idea. These bars are all in the entertainment strip of Marsh Harbor that’s adjacent to the airport. Entry to these places are free apart from some special events where a nominal charge may be taken. These are places where there are security personnel and are relatively safe for tourists. 
Club Solid Gold 
Address: Don MacKay Boulevard, South of Traffic Light 
Near Marsh Harbor Airport 
Open from 9 p.m. onwards 
Club Solid Gold is the only exclusive nightclub in Marsh Harbor. Pop and rock artists come here often and this is where the cream of Marsh Harbor youth goes. There is a proper dance floor here and good quality audio equipment which can satiate the cravings of party addicted tourists. 
Address: SE Bootle Highway, Near Marsh Harbor 
Open from 8 p.m. onwards 
Tardies is another local nightclub that’s managed by Vernita Dawkins and Henley. This a pure Bahamian establishment, right from the decoration to the music and atmosphere… it’s all pure Bahamian. Barbeque Ribs and chicken fry are very popular dishes here while on Thursday there is yummy fish fry.  
Abaco’s best DJ’s play here… this is also one of the places that remains open till the wee hours of the morning. Most people who visit Tardies come here around midnight…this is when the place is at its liveliest. 
DNR Sports Pub 
Address: Don MacKay Boulevard, South of Traffic Light 
Near Marsh Harbor Airport 
Possibly the only sports pub in Abaco… there are ongoing discussions on baseball, basketball and football here all the time. Discussions and videos of local and international sporting agents are shown and there is a large screen that broadcasts games. This place doesn’t have a proper dance floor but the locals do dance it out on the patio outside the pub. 

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